How to Replace Ball Joints




Introduction: How to Replace Ball Joints

How to video on replacing ford explorer upper and lower ball joints..... Save yourself a few hundred dollars and DIY 

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    Rob Filer
    Rob Filer

    6 years ago

    from; When faced with worn ball joints, tie rod ends, king pins etc, try your local garage with a RE-NEW-IT System. This is a kit designed to enable the mechanic to repair worn joints. In cars, workshops have achieved well over 60000miles after repair, & in trucks well over 180 to 200000miles. Have a look at for the details. Rob.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Is it possible to use the press tool to remove the lower ball joint?

    croom9 Your video was very helpful Ive just spent a lot of time replacing the passenger side lower ball joint using a two arm extractor in reverse The press you displayed was impressive where was it purchased ? I didnt replace the upper joint .--.a bit of penny pinching !!Ive still got the driver side to do. Im sure that with the hints you gave will expedite that project Again one of the better videos ive seen Thanks


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I went to a SEARS car shop and they wanted $500 for replacing the three ball joints and the idler arm of my then B2200 Mazda. Being the cheapo that I am I did the work myself. The truck was on jack stands for a few days but I was proud at the end. I saved some money and learned from the experience.