Introduction: How to Replace a Flat Tire on a Road Bike

Step 1: Remove Wheel From Bike

a. Lift quick release lever to release wheel and then pull wheel out.

Step 2: Remove Washer and Cap From Valve Stem

a. Remove washer and cap from valve stem

Step 3: Using Tire Levers Pry Tire From Wheel.

a. Place one lever in between wheel and tire and pry tire out of wheel.
b. Place second lever about 4 to 5 inches from first lever and pry out tire.
c. Repeat for the third lever about 4 or 5 inches from second lever.
d. Using third lever slide it around in between the wheel and the tire until one side of the tire is completely separate from the wheel.

Step 4: Remove Tube From Wheel

a. Remove tube from wheel starting with valve stem and working your way around

Step 5: Obtain New Tube

Obtain new tube
a. Remove washer and cap from new tube
b. Open valve and pump a little air into the tube.
c. Close valve

Step 6: Put New Tube in Tire Starting With Valve Stem

a. Put new tube in tire starting with valve stem

Step 7: Put the Tire Back on the Wheel.

a. Start using your hands and be careful not to pinch the tube between the tire and wheel
b. When there is only about 12 inches of tire to put back on it will become very difficult to do by hand. Use the tire levers to get the tire back into the wheel.

Step 8: Replace Washer on to Valve Stem

a. Replace washer on to valve stem tighten till you feel resistance

Step 9: Put Wheel Back on Bike

Put wheel back on bike

Step 10: Pump Tube

Open valve and pump up tube to specification (located on side wall of tire) close valve
a. Replace cap
b. Tighten washer till it is snug against the wheel.