Introduction: How to Replace Ac Compressor in Jetta 2007 2.5L

This guide will help in replacing 3 things: the compressor, expansion valve, and ac receiver drier for your 2007 VW Jetta. I am by no means a mechanic at all but this task isn't too hard.The only hard part about this was replacing the expansion valve because it is behind the motor and it is really cramped in there.

This guide will not be an extremely detailed how-to but it will provide enough grounds to accomplish this task. Before I begin I will say that 2 steps are missing and will not be included. One of the steps that will not be included will be the step that shows you how to remove the splash guard that goes under the your engine basically. It does what the name implies. It protects all the parts like the engine, battery, fuses, etc. from contact with water. I won't show this step because my Jetta didn't have a splash guard. I know. The other step that will not be included is the step called the "ac flush". In this step you just flush the ac lines with a special fluid called "ac flush" but these I didn't include because I had to take it to a mechanic to do that part since I didn't have the required tools and disposal. You are apparently not to dispose ac fluid into the ground, drain, etc. because it is against the law, just like oil.

Step 1: Components Needed

To do this job you will need of course a new or remanufactured ac compressor for your Jetta, an expansion valve and an ac receiver drier which is that black tube. I got this at O'reilly auto parts for around $450 for the ac compressor. If you know some friends that work there and are really cool with you then they can give you their employee discount which is a really sweet deal but I am saying that I got this for the price mentioned. It is new but you can also get it remanufactured for about half the price. The compressor came with a flush agent used to clean the ac lines, a pack of o-rings, a lubricant, and oil. The expansion valve also came with the compressor. I guess I needed to change that too.  The ac receiver drier is bought separately also at O'reilly. It is around $15.

Step 2: Tools

Tools I used:
- a wrench and socket set with range (10 - 19 mm)
- a hex socket set
- a Tap and Die set (Not needed. Read below for details)

The tools you need are relatively easy to get and you probably have them.
In your wrench and socket set you will mainly need the 13 mm Pt. I believe so make sure you have that one. Also it wouldn't hurt to have extensions.

In your hex socket set you will mainly need the

The last item is a Tap and Die set and you do not need this. ONLY use this item only if you smear the grooves on the bolts or the grooves on the expansion valve or any other grooves (which I did since I am so good so I used this to fix my problem. You can use this for anything really. For example if you have a solid steel rod which I did at one time I used this to make grooves on my steel rod and I put a but in the other size and wallah talk to me)

Step 3: Remove the Front Bumper and Grill

This is an easy step. There really isn't much to say. You would think that if you have a lifter that lifts cars that you wouldn't need to do this step but you do because this is the only way in which you can remove the ac receiver drier.
Just pop open the hood, and look at the screws holding the front of your Jetta. Remove those and just look around at the what screws are holding the front in place. You will notice that there are 2 right in the front that are very obvious. There are also some screws where the wheel is located. Remove only what you have to. Use your common sense. It is not hard trust me.
When your done it should look like what i have in the picture.

Step 4: Locate the Compressor

It would be easier here if you rotate your tires so you can have a nice view. 
REMEMBER that your AC is connected to a belt so what you want to do is take that belt off. 

What you do is you loosen up the pulley shown in the picture. This is the part responsible for providing pressure to the belt to tighten it. So just get a wrench and torque it (don't remember which way) and there you go. 

Step 5: Unscrew the Bolts

Unscrew the bolts. There is a long one in the bottom and another one to the top. This step can be difficult because sometimes it takes quite a bit of force to unscrew those bolts and not to mention it will also be uncomfortable or not. 

Step 6: Remove and Replace the Expansion Valve.

This step is harder I think than removing the AC  compressor unless your car is on a lift. 
The expansion valve is located behind your engine. Look at the pictures below. Remove this and replace it with your NEW expansion valve.

Note: Make sure you use the NEW O-rings and that you properly install them. This is a good step. 

Step 7: Replace and Replace the AC Receiver Drier

To replace this you will have to take the front bumper OFF. This is an easy but longish step and just make sure you remove all the screws. Also if you do not want to take everything completely apart you can make cut out and drill holes into the 'inner bumper' just to make life easier and so you can have faster access to the AC Receiver Drier. 
Look at the pictures below. This shouldn't be that bad. 

Step 8: Put Everything Back Together

Use the AC flush to flush your compressor lines. I forgot to take pictures of this step and sorry since this step is pretty critical. You want to flush you lines because otherwise you would be flowing gunk and crap into your awesome new compressor. I am not sure whether this step is really that important but just try and figure this one out. You just need to flush out the make tube connected to the compressor. It is a long and thick tube. 
Once you flush your lines start connecting everything back together. Just as you took it apart you can put it back together. 

Step 9: Check Out the Cool Air

Make sure you have enough Freon. Your going to want to put some in because you will probably need to do this. This will make your air cool.