Introduction: How to Replace Bicycle Tire With Quick Release Skewer

If you ride a bicycle, sooner or later you will need to learn how to replace a flat tire. Nowdays, most modern bicycle has a mechanism called quick release skewer attached to the wheel and bicycle. Today, I am going to show these 6 easy steps in changing your bicycle tire. These process are easy and simple to do and doesn't requires any technical skills. This whole process will take you an hour to complete it.

What is a quick release skewer ?

A quick release skewer is a mechanism which attach to the wheel and the bicycle. It is popular among the bicycle because there is less need for quick removal of wheels without tools. The quick release skewer consist of the quick release lever and the cap which connected by a rod in between

Step 1: Prepare the Tools

Before starting to remove the wheels, make sure to prepare these require tools. These tools can be usually found around the house.

The necessary tools are:

1) New tire tube

2) Bike pump

3) Tire levers or small blunt object (spoon)

4) Pliers

Optional tools:

1) Rubber gloves

2) Safety shoes

3) Flat head screwdriver

Step 2: Remove the Wheel

After preparing the necessary tools, its time to start by remove the bicycle wheel.

1) Place the bicycle in a upside postion on its seat and handlebars to have an easier position to remove the wheel.

Note: If you are worried about scratching your seat or handlebars, you can place it on a piece of cardboard or on a soft carpet.

Front wheel

1) Turn the quick release on the brake to the top. This will open the brake caliper that is attached to the wheel.

2) Next, open the quick release lever at your wheel which will loosen the wheel from the bicycle frame.

3) Unscrew both the quick release lever and the cap at the fork ends. Spin the lever counter-clockwise a few times until your wheel comes free.

4) Remove the wheel from the bicycle

Rear Wheel

1) Shift the chain all the way down to the smallest cog before doing anything else. This will reduce the tension on the chain

2) Open the quick release at the brake. This will open the brake caliper that is attached to the wheel.

3) Use one hand holding the wheel and the other hand to open the quick release lever at the wheel. By releasing the lever at the wheel, the wheel will fall straight off.

Caution: Make sure your feet is not under the wheel to prevent any injuries.

Step 3: Remove the Old Tire

After removing the wheels from the bicycle, follow these steps to remove the old tube from the tire

1) Remove the tube's cap from the valve stem using your hand.

2) Deflate the tube completely by pressing down on the inner part of the valve.

3) Place the tire lever between the rim and the tire and pry it up over the wheel rim.

Note: If you don't have a tire lever, use a small blunt object (spoon) to slide between the tire and the rim.

Caution: Be very careful not to puncture the inner tube.

4) Repeat the same process untill the wheel is completly remove from the rim.

5) Remove the inner tube from the tire completely

Note: Use both hands to inspect the tube to determine the souce of the problem

Step 4: Installing New Tube

1) Inflate the new tube just enough to take shape of the rim with a bicycle pump.

2) Place the inner tube into the tire first by linning up with the hole that is needed to go through the rim.

3) Start at the valve hole and work your way around the rim.

Note: Make sure the valve stem is allinged straight with the hole in the rim. If the valve stem does not fit properly, use your thumbs to adjust the position of the tube until it fits.

4) Attach the pump head to the valve stem

5) Inflate the tire according to the recommended PSI (Pressure per Square Inch). This will listed on the side of the tire.

Check tire pressure

Caution: Overflate tires will increase the stress of the tires and may puncute a hole in it

6) Screw the cap back to the valve stem. This will secure the air inside the tire.

Step 5: Reinstall the Bicycle Wheels

After finish replacing the old tube to a new tube, its time to reinstall the wheels back to the bicycle.

Front Wheel

1) Make sure the quick release at the brake is open.

1) Slide the wheel back into the frame

3) Tighten the quick release lever from the open position to the closed position and screw the cap at the quick release skewers

4) Tighten the quick release at the brake too.This will secure the brake with the wheels.

Rear Wheel

1) Slide the wheel tire back into the frame.

2) Place the chain back onto the derailer. Make sure the chain is allign properly onto the smallest and outer sprocket.

Note: remember to shift down to the lowest gear to prevent any tension onto the chain.

3) Turn down the release lever from the open position to the closed position to secure the wheels.

Note: Make necessary adjustment towards the lever so that the wheel is sitting properly in the frame.

4) Tighten the quick release at the brake too.

Step 6: Prepare to Ride

After replacing the tires and attaching back to the bicycle, get on the bike to test it. Make necessary adjustment tto your liking. Make sure that everything run smoothly to prevent any accident from happening. If the wheel does not run smoothly, adjust the quick release lever until it run smoothly

Hace a great day and enjoy your ride !

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