Introduction: How to Replace the Battery in a TomTom Go! 510 Satnav Device

So 2 years ago you went and spent hundreds on a shiny new TomTom GO! and you and have shared many happy journeys up and down the country.

The smooth operator voice never shouts, or scolds as you miss turnings or didnt quite listen to what they had to say! And then one day.............

The screen goes dead.

With a Tom Tom there is only one button you can push and hold. A moments flicker of the screen and then that is that. After 2 happy years of travel you came to trust your Tom Tom. Now with a critical meeting to get to what do you do? A quick stop off at the local shop and purchase a new model? Thats what I had to do.

Stuck half way on my journey with no map or detail on how to get to my client all I could think to do for speed is to drop into a car showroom and buy a new model.

Crisis over and once home the obvious had happened. The internal rechargeable battery had died a sudden unexpected (and untimely) death.

Step 1: Remove the Contents From Its Black Shell.

The first thing about TomTom is that they obviously dont want you to access the unit. Beside having no instructions they also produce screws that are:

1) Very weird so that no screwdriver will fit
2) Very tight so even if you lash-up a makeshift tool then your hands bleed.

I had to modify a jewel screwdriver. The small size that fitted just bent. So I had to get the bigger oversized jewel screwdriver and grind down the point with an angle grinder.

On the back and under the rubber bars you will find the screws. Please note that you will need the strength of Sampson to get the little buggers to turn. So tightly are these grub screws bored into the frame that you can expect some tears. This is my home made screwdriver doing its bit.

Step 2: The AGONY of Figthing TOM TOM Screws

This is a view of my red raw hand after gripping and fighting with Tom Tom to get the screws to shift.

Why cant they just use Phillips? Does China really not want us to change a simple battery. Its amazing really because you spend hundreds on this kit and then expect it to last. They dont tell you the unit only has a 2 year internal battery life....

Anyway rant over.

Step 3: Remove the Front Cover From the SatNav Tom Tom Go!

Now the screws are out underneath the TomTom GO! you have to pull the silver cover plate off.

Yes I told you this is a nightmare job!

OK so jam a knife or a blade under the tomtom logo and jemmy that piece right out.


Step 4: Pull the Main Aluminium Chassis Out of the Black Plastic Shell

The main components are built onto a solid aluminium chassis or engine block.

The screen is also attached to the aluminium block. Use a screwdriver and a bit of push and shove to move the screen out of the black shell.

Good Job!

Step 5: This Is the Guts of a Tomtom Go 510 Once Out of Its Shell

This is what the guts of a tomtom look like outside its shell.

To get to the battery you are going to have a small task ahead! - Be patient.

The battery is actually just above that little golden coil you can see at the base of the unit. The silver aluminium case is actually moulded around the battery and if you look at that half round disc just by the golden coil then thats one end of the battery.

Step 6: Getting to the Tomtom Go! 510 Battery

To get to the battery you have to "pop" the front screen off the chasis.

That black tube or cylinder is the battery.

Still covering it though is the gold plate. There are two black screws. One at the bottom on the left hand side. And the other one counter sunk inot the right part of the chassis just a little over half way up.

Its back to brute force and that jewel screwdriver again to get them out.

Step 7: The Battery Is Out!

With access to the back of the chassis the battery can come out.

Step 8: Replacement Battery

This is the tomtom repacement battery that is on the left with the white label. The black one on the right is the dead unit.

Disposal of the battery is as per your local area guidelines.

Step 9: Getting to the White Socket on the Board to Unplug Battery

We struggled to get to the socket on the board so decided to go in via the top.

There are SIX screws and two circuit boards. You must first remove the round chipset or circuit board at the top which is secured by two screws at the 12 oclock and the 6oclock position.

One this disc is removed then you can get to the edge screws on the bottom circuit boards.

Step 10: The Top Circuit Board Is Off and This Is the Second Chipset

The top chipboard is missing. Observe the white socket at 6 oclock which will reattach the boards without too much drama.

You can now pull or prise the board upward to reveal the wired socket to the battery.


Step 11: The Circuit Boards Have Been Lifted to Expose the Socket

The circuit board is lifted clear of the aluminium chasis so that you can get to the plug socket underneath and to detach the battery.

Be careful of the copper coil which can catch on the side. Be gentle but firm.

The whole device is connected by ribbon leads so dont force or bend this unit too much.

Step 12: Replace the Battery in the Tomtom Go 510 Satnav

Now you have a clear shot at the whole unit you can replace the worn battery (left) with the new replacement battery (right) and start the reassembly of the unit

I told you it wasnt easy !

Step 13: Return the Screen to the Tomtom Chassis and Press Down

Replace the screen into its cover and dont forget the black rubber seal.

Take time to seat it correctly and press down.

Begin to press down in the circuit board to push it into line with the screwholes.

Step 14: Reconnect the Chipboards and Secure Them

Screw it back down (hope you remembered to plug in the new battery)

And then plug the round chipset back into the white socket and secure with its two screws.

Step 15: End Game.. Your Tomtom Has a New Battery

Reverse all the steps to take the unit apart.
Push the contents back into the black shell.
Put the four grub screws back into their holes
Push the silver plastic trim back into the slots.
Tighten the screws to as much force as is reasonable.

TESTING! - Set the unit to charge for 24hours. Next day leave the unit on for hours

The unit should stay alive for five hours. Drain the battery totally. Recharge and repeat

JOB DONE! and two more years with your device.

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