Introduction: How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter on the Hyundai Tiburon 2008

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This is a guide on how to replace the cabin air filter which keeps debris and pollen out of your AC system and your nose.  I usually replace it once a year after the spring pollen season.  All you need is a regular phillips head screw driver and the cabin air filter.

Step 1: Remove Screws

The first step is to identify the 6 screws around the glove box that need to be removed.  The filter is located behind the glove box. Start by unscrewing the 3 screws at the bottom of the glove box.  Then unscrew the 3 screws on top along the inside of the glove box. 

Step 2: Pull Out the Glove Box

This step requires a little effort unless you can figure out how to unclip the two clips from the inside of the glove box.  They are located on the sides.  I just pull the glove box out and down and it snaps out by itself. The glove box only comes out just enough to see the cabin filter cover in the back unless you unclip the cable harness.  I don't think that needs to be done to replace the filter.

Step 3: Remove Cover and Cabin Filter

To remove the cabin air filter cover, the two clips at the bottom have to be pushed up and the cover pulled out and down at the same time.  The filter slides out easily once the cover is off.

Step 4: Insert Filter

Insert the new filter with the correct direction of air flow.  Notice the arrow on the front of the filter.  It should be pointing down. The filter slides right in.

Step 5: Put Everything Back in Place

Put the cover on by sliding into the the slots above and snapping on the two clips at the bottom of the cover.  Then put the glove box back in, remember to align the two clips on the sides of the glove box and it should click into place.  Then screw the three screws on the inside top and the three screws on the outside bottom.

Step 6: Check the Blower

Turn the car on and turn the fan on to max to make sure it flows well and there are no vibrations.  Congratulations on saving money by replacing the cabin filter yourself. Hopefully more folks can replace this neglected aspect of car care since they know how and that it is inexpensive to do so.