How to Replace the Missing Pads on Your Glasses



Introduction: How to Replace the Missing Pads on Your Glasses

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This is a really simple project to replace the pads on your glasses or just make them more comfortable. Using less than a minipack you can extend the life of your otherwise perfect glasses. Go for black to blend in or show off your fix with a bright colour!

I'm going to show you both a pair of reading glasses and sunglasses.

sugru is perfect for this project:
- It sticks to most materials including the plastics used in sunglasses
- It can be moulded to fit the bridge of your nose comfortably
- It cures into a tough silicone rubber

If you don't have any sugru check out the online store here!

Whether you're missing one or both pads, or have wire frames or sunglasses, this is a project than can be adapted for any kind of eyewear.

Step 1: What You Need

For this project you will need:

- 1 x minipack of sugru (you won't need a whole minipack, so check out the gallery for inspiration!)
- The glasses or sunglasses
- Soapy water
- Toilet paper

Give the rim of the sunglasses a wipe with the toilet paper to remove dust and grease. sugru will stick much better to clean surfaces! Okay, let's get started...

Step 2: Applying the Sugru

Cut open your minipack of sugru, following the dotted line. Peel open the pack and remove the sugru, kneading it in your fingers to get it ready.

Start with a small pea sized amount of sugru. Roll this into a short log and press against the rim of the sunglasses. If you have a wire support you can easily build it around this. 

Now repeatedly pinch and press the sugru to create a raised ridge. Pressing down ensures it gets a super strong bond with the plastic and glass.

If the sugru is sticking to your fingers, wipe off the excess with toilet paper. 

Step 3: Shaping the Sugru

Once you have created a ridge to replace the pad, you can mould the glasses to sit comfortably.

Dab some soapy water on the bridge of your nose to prevent the sugru sticking. Put on the glasses as your usually would, making sure they feel secure and comfortable. When you take them off you will see the sugru has moulded to the correct shape.

Now you can finish up by removing any creases of blemishes on the surface. Dip your finger in the soapy water again and glide it over the surface of the sugru. This will make it really smooth.

Step 4: Finished!

Now just leave your glasses aside overnight for the sugru to cure into a flexible rubber.

In the morning you'll be able to use them again :)

This project can be subtle (sugru comes in black and white) - check out the other glasses we've fixed!

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