Introduction: How to Ride Raceing Bike Seaftly

       reacing bike, today i'm going to told you how to rida a reac bike seaftly.  first of all you have to buy the clothes which is
seafty halemt, seafty jacet (sweetr), gluves, and seafty shoos. there is an other kind we call it full soot.  wearing thes keep you far
from injores and breaking bones.

Step 1: Descripe

here is Description of raceing bike. we have 2 sides in bike. let us start with right side. close to right hand you will find
hand brake for front wheel, pumper's botton, starting engine button and accelerator. in the right leg just the rear brake.
now the left side. in the left hand, clutch and lights button.  in left leg just shafter gear. in stearing wheel you will see
gages for fule, RPM, speed and Temperature.

Step 2: Cheeking

in the bining wear you soot.  cheek the pressure tire. cheek the oil engine.  cheek the level of water in the Radiators.
cheek your tire.  finally, ckeek the breek's oil. then you can run the engine but you have first to put the key in turn it
in on side. as i told you befor the pumper will be in your right hand push down to let the gas go to engine.  press to the starting potton
and keep pressing til enging run.

Step 3: Start Moveing

now you have to cheek agine. cheek the front light, rear light, both sides lights and break light while the engine become
hot.  ride on the bike.  remove the Stick that the bike stand on it. hold the Clutch and keep holding. shift the bike in first gear.
leave your hand from cluth slowly without press to accelerator. when tnd bike start moving you have to rise you leg and put
it in feet stand. now you have to be sure that all gages are work.

Step 4: Cheek Agine

now test your front and rear breaks in this way. whne your speed reach to 20 hold the front break strongly. speed up
to 40 and do it agine. repeat this until 80 km/h. now it's rear break turn but here you have to start from 100km/h untill
140km/h but do not press strongly in the reae brake. rear on just for reduce your speed not for stopping.

Step 5: Raceing

finally, when you want to shift up from first gear to sacond gear hate the shifter strongly becauses there is a normal gear between them.
but you can shift into others gears smoothly.  the engine must be uncomfrte you have to keep the RBM high other waise the tmprtssur will go up.
if you want to race with other biks you have to look at thes, wight of engine and the pearson who ride the bike, numbers of cc and rear tire then
take your choise yrs or no .

Step 6:

in conclusion i will some advice abaot ride raceing bike. do not go with full power. if you were in high speed keep your haed down or
you will brake you pack.  if yor speed was high do not reduce it bh brake just shift your gear down. 
do not go with high speed between cars it must be empty and stright raod.thank you