Introduction: How to Rip a Disc and Make an Image File

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Hey guys. First Instructable. My friend convinced me to join and share some of my limited technical knowledge, so here goes nothing. Lemme know what you think?

Anyway, the purpose of this Instructable is to teach you guys how to make an .img or .bin file (And depending on the disc you're ripping, possibly an .iso file). A lot of people have some trouble with this, so I'm going to explain the easiest way to do this (We're working with Windows, here) . Any questions or problems, let me know.

Step 1: Download the Program

The program we're using for this project can be found here for free. I'll include instructions for how to install it, because I'm feeling generous:
1. On the front page of the site, scroll down to the "News" section. There'll be a post at the top of this section announcing the release of a new version of imgburn. You'll also see a link that says "click here to download". Download it.
2. Go to your downloads folder or wherever you send your downloaded files and select the imgburn set-up file. (Called "setupimgburn_*random version number here*").
3. Follow the onscreen instructions and it should install fine. Again, leave me a comment if it doesn't and I'll see if I can fix it.

Sorry, no pics for this step :<

Step 2: Find Your Disc

Find a DVD, game disc, or operating system CD. Now let's get some legal stuff out of the way:
To the best of my knowledge, you are allowed to rip a game disc or OS CD and have an extra copy on hand incase of damage to the original. Do not by any means distribute it, because that is illegal. DVD's I am unsure of the legalities of ripping, so do so at your own risk. I have not personally tried it, but it may not be too safe.
Now. Let's get started.

Step 3: Choose Wisely.....

From the imgburn main screen, select  "Create image file from disc".

Step 4: More Choosing

From the top drop down window in this, you'll want to choose your disc drive that has your disc in it. Once that's settled, go to the option below it and click on the folder/magnifying glass icon. This will let you change the name/file type.

Step 5: Renaming the File

From this next screen, you can rename your file, choose where you're going to send it, and change the file type (.bin, .img, or .iso). If you're ripping a game disc, all of these come in handy, but .img is usually the best.

Step 6: Time to Rip

Finish up back there, then you are finally ready to rip this thing. Click the button with the picture of the CDs, then kick back and wait. The results-------->

Step 7: Fin

Ta-da! You'll get a "disc rip complete screen" then you can go find your file. Burn it to a disc, put it on a USB stick, run it on an emu. Whatever. Now you have the complete image of your disc.