Introduction: How to Ripstik/waveboard

Here we will show you how to ripstik or waveboard (whatever you want to call it). We will also show you how to do some tricks!!

Step 1: Getting On!

The first picture is how you should look when you try to get on and the you push with your back foot and put it on the board and just try to stay on the first time. As you get better you can start faster but for now just go slow. when you start you should have a friend to help you out with it so you can hold their shoulders.

Step 2: Pumping

Pumping is very hard at first so get a friend and hold their shoulders, as they walk with you you should try to pump. Pumping is basically moving the front section in one direction and the back in the other. When you get better you should be able to pump faster and pump uphill even! The picture is where you should be when you're pumping or just riding, it is a little bit different stance when you are getting ready to ollie.

Step 3: The Ollie!

The ollie is very, very hard so make sure you are ready before you start to try the foot position is in the pictures below. To ollie you need to pop the tail of the board with your back foot and slide your front foot up the nose of the board and bring it back to land. This will take twice as long as learning to ride so don't give up! The video is kinda crummy but I did ollie about an inch or more off the ground. It is very hard so I am still learning to make a higher ollie.

Step 4: Hang 10 and Hang 9

The hang ten is when you have both feet on the front half of the board and you are still moving. The hang nine is the same thing on the back of the board. To do this you must find FLAT ground and get up some speed. Make sure you are going straight and then pull your back foot to the front of the board. If you pick your foot up too high you will fall off. It is the same thing with a hang nine, but hang nines are harder because you cannot steer the board from the back.

Step 5: Conclusion

If you bought a ripstik they come with the instructional video. I recommend that you watch it. It is pretty cheesy but they have some helpful tips. Thanks for looking at my instructable and please leave a comment.

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