Introduction: How to Root Any Android Device

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Hello friends today I am going to show you how to root your bsnl penta . This tutorial may also work for other android tablets/phones. I will show you two methods that you can to root your bsnl penta. I have tested this methods for Bsnl penta IS703C and Acer TD7BP51.

This tutorial is for rooting bsnl penta . rooting your android device means getting super user rights . you can do many things after rooting like overclocking , increasing battery life , changing boot animations ,boot logo and even installing custom rom

Note: Rooting your android device might void your warranty I wont be responsible for any damage caused to your android device.

Step 1: Rooting Using Vroot

Step 1 - Download vroot.apk

Step 2 - Install vroot on your device.

Step 3 - Ensure your device is connected to internet.

Step 4 - Open vroot and wait for some time.

Step 5 - Click on root.

Step 6 - Wait for some time and your device will be rooted.check if kinguser is installed

Step 2: Rooting Using Adb

Step 1 - Download and extract adb

Step 2 - Make sure you have adb drivers installed on your computer.

Step 3 - Connect your device to your computer using usb cable and enable usb debugging

Step 4 - Open the the extracted folder and run root.bat

Step 5 - Follow the instructions on the computer

Step 6 - For the first time press any key to continue

Step 7 - but for the rest of the time wait until reboot is fully complete and then press any key

Step 8 - Your device will be rooted. check if superuser is installed

Step 3: Troubleshooting

To check if you have rooted your device successfully you need to download and install root checker . Open root checker and click on verify root .Click on authorize/allow if asked .if it says ‘congratulations ! Your device is successfully rooted ’ then you don’t need to follow these instructions but if don’t get these then follow these instructions

Step 1 - Download and install Terminal Emulator

Step 2 - Open Terminal Emulator and type which su

Step 3 - You will get a path (eg /system/bin/su)

Step 4 - Type this path and the $ sign should change to this #

Step 5 - type /system/xbin

Step 6 - After that type cp su and path you got in step 3 (eg cp su /system/bin/su)

Step 7 - Reboot your device.