Introduction: How to Save a Badly Broken Pointe Shoe

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This Instructable works only if you have some kind of shoes. It can be used with Sansha Recital and Premerie. I think you can use with Sansha Futura and Partenaire if you have "super glue".

You can't easly ruin pointe shoes. I know that lots of people didn't believe what I do to pointe shoes to prepare them, or that the best pointe shoes (IMHO) have nails in them.

But one way to ruin them is breaking in them wrongly. I did it once, with a pair of Sansha Recital. But I've saved them!

Use can use this tutorial to re-new old pointe shoes that have the shanks too soft. Maybe you won't want to dance on your Premier at the Scala theatre with them, but they'll be good enough to exercise.

Please, note that I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive my mistakes (or gently tell me what I've to fix!).


one pair of badly broken in pointe shoes
your feet
reinforcing stems

I bought the stems on Sansha website, but some shoes are solds with them (one of the pair of Premiere I bought have them).

Step 1: Look If Your Shoe Have a Hidden Space

Take your ruined shoe and pull back the inner sole.

You should see the shank.

Some shoes have a pocket to put the stem in, like Premiere, some others have just a space, like Recital.

Step 2: What If the Shoe Doesn't Have a Hidden Space

If your shoes don't have a hidden space, you can totally break the sole as I did with the ReArt. I did it only once the shoes were totally dead, not for fixing a badly broken in shoe.

If the shoes don't have the nails, just tear the glue and re-glue them after putting the stems. If they have the nails, you should open the nails and then hammer them back.

In the photo you can see a ReArt Smezzata. I used them for a while and the sole of the right one broke, so I totally broke them, put in the stems and re glue them.

Step 3: Put the Stem In

Push the stem all in the pocket or in the space. You'll have to use some force, I did it pushing the shoe on the floor (using the line between two tiles to keep it still).

Once the stem is all in, you can close the pocket or reglue the soles.

Step 4: Break in Them

If you use glue, wait for a day or two for it to dry. If not, you can proceed.

The red line in the photo is where the stem will be. You can break the shoe where it finishes. The stem is flexbile and it will give your foot more support because it will make the shoe sole harder.

Put them on and break in them, time time in the right way :D You can look at this: