Introduction: How to Save Money and Energy

How to save money and energy to keep the planet safe!

Step 1: Buy Smart Price or Home Brand Things!

Buying smart price food and drinks can knock your shopping costs down intensely, which means you'll have more money to buy energy saving equipment, like solar panels, compost bins, recycling bins, and more.

Step 2: Just Plain Recycle

Recycle things like bottles, tins, newspapers, garden waste, used or old vegtables. and other recycleable materials, look for the recycle symbol on products to see if you can!

if you have kids, make a character and encourage your kids to recycle, play games and make videos of you helping the planet!

Step 3: Don't Drive!

Ride a bike, walk, run, take public transport to work or the shops.
Public transportation is vital in helping the world enhance safety and security, protect the environment and public health, and conserve energy.

The bus on the picture is a super good bus! it is eletric and runs on solar panels.

Step 4: Turn Power Off

turn your items off standby, TV's, computers, microwaves, ovens, washing machines and more. dont use lights in the day time and use energy saving lightbulbs.
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