Introduction: How to Saw-cut and Patch a Pothole in Asphalt

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This Instructable will show you how to saw cut and patch a pothole in asphalt. Chances are you will never have the occasion to do this yourself but if so this is for you.

Step 1: Safety First

You should always use eye protection, ear protection, and breathing protection when using a demo saw.

Step 2: Necessary Equipment

Demo Saw
asphalt patch
dust mask
ear plugs
safety glasses

Step 3: Cutting

First make sure their is fuel in the saw. Next prime the saw, set to full choke pull until it turns over. Set to half choke, start let run for ten seconds set to run. Once you start the saw cut a square or rectangle around the border of the pothole a few inches from the edge.

Step 4: Clean Out

Once you have completed cutting use the shovel to remove all the large debris. Now take your broom and sweep most of the smaller debris and loose sand.

Step 5: Fill'er Up

Empty enough asphalt to slightly over fill the hole that you cut. Use your shovel to even it out over the surface of the hole.

Step 6: Pack It Down

Now that the patch has been spread evenly, take your tamper and pack it down. Start at the edges and move in to center. Once it is thoroughly compacted you can sweep some of the loose sand back over the surface to cover the tackiness on the surface. Now all you need to do is clean up your mess.