Introduction: How to See Right Through Christmas Wrapping Paper!

This video shows you how to use an ordinary camcorder to see through Christmas wrapping paper (or any most any wrapping paper for that matter). It worked on every wrapping paper we had in the house, which doesn't necessarily mean it will work on yours.

What you need:

An old school DVD camcorder (or really any camcorder with 0 lux nightvision/nightshot. The Sony camcorders work the best. The model used in the video is the DCR DVD200.

* An infrared pass filter (IR pass filter). You can make one yourself by using the dark edge of old negatives, the inside of an old floppy disk, by buying a roll of 35mm film, expose it, and having it developed, or by buying a roll of slide film, leaving it unexposed, and having it developed (the photos will come back with negatives that are very dark and will allow infrared light through but not visible light. That's what we need.)

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