Introduction: How to Send Anonymous Emails When Such Websites Fails?

Step 1: Step 1: Getting the Application

AnonyMail It! is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
You can get AnonyMail It! from the link below:

Download Box for AnonyMail It!

Please DO NOT re-upload my application to other hosting. If you wish to share this with your friends, please point them to the links above instead.

Step 2: Unpacking the Application

Naturally, you should have a resident ZIP extractor program installed into your computer. If not, you can get a free one such as 7-Zip.

To unpack the Application, simply right-click on the package and select your in-house ZIP extractor and extract. AnonyMail It! can be extracted anywhere because it doesn't write to files or anything, you can place it on your desktop, in your USB storage device, in a CD or anywhere else that will allow it to be executed.

Click HERE to watch the video tutorial.

Step 3: Using the Application

The application's interface is really simple. You won't need to be a computer literate to know how to use it. When in doubt, you can go to Help > Index.

Step 4: Sending Your Email

Let's say you've filled up the forms. You're now ready to send your email right? After clicking on Send Mail, you will be presented with a confirmation box where you'll have to confirm that you're not some automated bot bent on sending spammy emails to some unfortunate being. Simply type the code shown to you and you're ready to go!

Step 5: The Result E-Mail

If the operation went successfully without a problem, you will be presented with a confirmation about it. If successful, your recipient should receive the email that you've created but it would indicate that it came from the Sender that you defined earlier.

Step 6: You're Done

And you've successfully sent an anonymous email!

Remember this application was made for educational purposes only and I'm going to be forced to disabled worldwide access to it should I know that it's being used for illegal / malicious acts.

I'm going to display again my disclaimer in case you missed it on the first page.

In no way am I, the author of this application, be held responsible for any use / misuse of my project (AnonyMail It!). I'm simply sharing this to you so that I am not the only one to be able to use it. Also bear in mind that I can disable the worldwide use of this application if ever I receive reports of it being used for spamming or any illegal / malicious acts.

That's all for this tutorial and I hope I haven't wasted your time and provided you with quality information while you were reading this instructable.