Introduction: How to Separate the Magnets From an Old Harddisk

Harddisks have a pair off very strong magnets in it, Unfortunately, they are placed on a metal plate for fixing them in the drive. It's very hard to remove them from the metal without breaking the magnet.
But if you know the trick, it's very easy...
This is the trick:....

Step 1: What U Need

You just need the magnets you want to seperate from the metal and two large grippers, the bigger the better

Step 2: Holding

Now take the Metalplade on both ends with the grippers.
Be careful just to put the gipper on the metal, not on the magnet or you will berak it for sure!

Step 3: Bending

Bend now the metal until the magnet is only held by its on force.
Just take it off and you have a very good and strong magnet
Be careful not to bring the magnets to close together, because they could snap and break!

Step 4: Finished

You're finished.

By the way: Sorry if my english isn't that good, but english is not my native language...