Introduction: How to Set White Balance on JVC GR-DF4500U

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I'm putting together a tutorial on how to videotape for my assistant to help me with Videography. I thought I would submit it to Instructables as well.

Step 1: Set Camera to Manual Mode

The first thing to do is to set camera to Manual. This is done by pressing the blue tab in and rotating the mode dial to "M"

This Dial also can put camera in Auto, OFF, or Play (VCR)

Step 2: Access Menu

On the inside of the Camera, select "MENU/BATT.DATA"

This then will bring up a Menu to adjust the video.
**When the camera is off, this button will tell you how much battery life is left on the camera**

Step 3: Access White Balance Settings

The first menu screen that appears on viewfinder is "WIPE/FADER"
**This will allow you to select what effect you want to happen when you push the record button**

Then you use the d-pad to scroll down to white balance.

Once scroll down to W. BALANCE press the SET button and scroll down to MWB

To set the white balance, set white object in front of camera, I like to use white printer paper, and press and hold the "SET" button until the MWB flashes. This is then setting the white balance to the lighting that is in the room that you are filming in.

Step 4: This Is My First Instructable

This is my first Instrutable.
Please be nice. Constructive Criticism is appreciated.