Introduction: How to Set Up a Minecraft Server 1.8.1

This is free and needs no equipment. It is fairly easy unless you use anything other than windows. If you don't have windows don't even bother reading this instuctable it won't work. TIP: You need the minecraft server window open for you to connect. TIP: if the IPv4 address changes to DON'T panic that is what all computers call themselves locally.

Step 1: Go to Minecraft's Website

Go to and the website welcome screen pops up. Click the "download it here" link under Steve, not Buy Now. (Unless You Don't Own Minecraft)

Step 2: Download Minecraft Server Program

Click on minecraft_server 1.8.1.exe on the first line under the Multiplayer Server.

Step 3: Get the Starting Stuff

After it has finished downloading go to it (probably under downloads), move it to where you would like to have your minecraft server files to be and double click the "Minecraft server [version]" dirt block icon and click run, then two more icons will appear on your desktop

Step 4: Get All the Icons

Double click the "EULA" file. (EULA means "End User License Agreement" which basically means you agree to the terms.) Look at the sentence at the bottom of the document that says eula=false and switch the false to true and wait a few seconds, reopen the Minecraft Server program. Then new Icons will appear where the Minecraft Server is located. *Note do not move EULA or any other minecraft server files or when you try to run the server it will create a new Eula and other files

Step 5: Find Your IP

Open CMD, or command prompt. Now there should be a black window, type ipconfig into CMD, scroll down and look at the IPv[There Will Be A Number Here Probably] address that is your IP address, write it down.

Step 6: Editing Server Info

Your server is set up, however to make it more fun you can modify the properties.

#Minecraft server properties
#Mon Jul 13 11:08:18 EDT 2015
spawn-protection=Monsters Do not spawn in this radius around the player
allow-nether=Can Players enter the nether
gamemode=Survival, Adventure, Creative, Spectator
broadcast-console-to-ops=Tell when a command is executed to the operator
player-idle-timeout=How long a player can not move before they are kicked
difficulty= Peaceful, Easy, etc.
op-permission-level=How High An OP's Permissions are
enable-command-block=Can Command blocks work
max-players=maximum players that can join your server
server-port=Which port on your computer is your server hosted on
server-ip=If your computer has many IPs
spawn-npcs=If your game spawns mobs
level-name=Worlds Name
view-distance=Render Distance
online-mode=Will it Give Everyone their account
motd=Name on The server screen

Step 7: Play on Your Server

Open minecraft server and minimize it. Now open minecraft, click multiplayer and go to the add server button and where it says IP address type in the numbers you wrote down, and YOU ARE DONE all you need to do now is click on the box says "A Minecraft Server".

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