Introduction: How to Set Up a Mobile Stripper Pole in Your Living Room (Carmen Electra Peek-A-Boo Pole Dancing Kit)

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Lauren helps me unbox the Carmen Electra Peek-A-Boo Pole Dancing Kit which will later be used to hold my 55 inch plasma TV so we needed to load test it first. The kit is actually pretty awesome with and despite having instructions that say the top mount needs to be anchored we had no problem playing with just a friction fit. So while I bought it not as a Stripper pole, but as a TV mount I think it would do a good job in either role. And the $100 I decided to blow on this was way cheaper than buying a chrome pipe and figuring out the fittings to make it work ceiling to floor.

The only Portable, or Mobile part of the way I am using this is that I didn't want to drill holes in the wall of the place I was renting to mount the TV.

Step 1: Remove From Box

Remove the pole from the box, there should be 3 sections. Slot the sections together.
It is important that you make sure they slot all the way, you don't want to have the pole change size because they slipped when you applied your weight.

Step 2: Floor and Ceiling Plates

Add the bottom and the top plates, by sliding and twisting until the spring loaded knobs click into the holes on the plate. The pole should be installed on a ceiling joist, which you can find with a stud finder or tapping til you hear a dull sound.

Step 3: Stand It Up!

Stand the pole up and using the wrench provided, unscrew and extend the top plate until it connects with the ceiling. Do the same for the bottom plate. Once you have a good fit, tighten the nuts on the bottom plate. This pole used a friction fit, so the top plate was not screwed in.

Step 4: Test It

Test the pole by pushing from the side on the top most section. Keep applying force until you use full body weight, if there is no movement, you're good to go! If there is, unscrew the bottom and extend the section and test again.

Be careful when testing. Lauren got a running start, but it could have ended badly if the pole had slipped just then. Try having someone bigger than you (Like me) try something less scary first to make sure it will hold up to the force.

Step 5: Get Your Groove On

Now go grab some sexy clothes and show us how it is done.

I didn't include pictures of this step. Sorry. You will have to imagine me in a thong instead. Lauren didn't participate in this step.

Step 6: Install a TV on It

Now back to what I actually bought this for. Holding up my Plasma TV.