Introduction: How to Set Up a Vermiponic Wicking Bed

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Vermiponics is about growing food with wormbin leachate (or worm juice). To set up this wicking bed you'll need, some seedlings, a wicking bed, natural rope, coco coir and wormbin leachate (or worm juice) (the perlite is optional).

There's not much info available on vermiponics at the moment so I've started a page on facebook where people can discuss their setups and learn from each other

Step 1: Insert the Wicks

Insert rope into your wicking bed, making sure that each bit of rope reaches the bottom of the reservoir.

Step 2: Add Coco Coir

Add a layer of coco coir to the wicking bed. This will also act as a wick and will give your plants something to grow into.

Step 3: Plant Your Seedlings

Plant your seedlings. As always, be careful not to break the roots of the plants.

Step 4: Add Perlite

Perlite will reflect light and will also help to retain water.

Step 5: Water With Your Wormbin Leachate or Wormjuice

Water from the top of the wicking bed with wormbin leachate (or worm juice). Make sure that each wick is soaked thoroughly.

Step 6: Place Your Wicking Bed in a Sunny Spot

Place your wicking bed in a sunny spot and top up with wormbin leachate when the wicking bed is low on water.

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