Introduction: How to Set Up an Autopot Hydroponics Kit

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Hi Everyone!

I started growing with an Autopot kit about 4 months ago and I'm really liking the results that I've been getting.

I don't have to change the water often or monitor the system much and the system is completely gravity fed so that means that I can keep it outside and not worry about using an electrical water pump.

I really like it as a beginners hydro system and would recommend it for anyone looking to start out in hydroponics or vermiponics (which is growing plants with worm tea instead of commercially produced nutrient solution, for more info check out this Facebook page on vermiponics).

Step 1: Screw the Tubing Into the Smartvalve

Pull one end of the tubing through the screwcap and attach the tubing to the Autopot smart-valve.

Screw the cap on to the smart-valve.

Step 2: Add the Line Taps and Filter

Cut the tubing in convenient places for you to attach the first tap, the filter and the second tap. You''ll need to cut the tubing three times.

Plug the other end of the tubing into the reservoir, the reservoir should be placed at least half a metre above the autopot tray.

Step 3: Fill Up the Reservoir With Water and Nutrient Solution

Fill up the reservoir with water and nutrient solution using the instructions on the nutrient bottles (if you have Autopot nutrients you will need 150ml of each solution for 30 litres of water).

Step 4: Twist the Line-taps to the Direction of the Autopot Tray

Turn the arrows on the taps to the direction of the Autopot tray.

Water should slowly begin to fill the bottom of the tray.

Step 5: Transplant Your Seedlings

Line the bottom of the pots with the mats and carefully transplant the plants that you want to grow into the pots. When transplanting the plants, be carefully not to damage the roots.

By the way, unlike traditional hydroponics, its okay to keep soil attached to the roots of the plants when using the Autopot kit.Then once transplanted, fill the pot with perlite up to the desired level - this will depend on the type of plant that you're transplanting.

This instructable is based on a post from my blog (vermiponics online). I've been getting great results with the Autopot (if you're interested, take a look at my review of the Autopot and if you're sold then you can get an Autopot on Amazon).

Thanks for reading!

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