How to Sew a Neckwarmer From Old Sweaters ( in 15 Minutes )



Introduction: How to Sew a Neckwarmer From Old Sweaters ( in 15 Minutes )

You Just need two old sweaters / pieces of warm fabric , It can take You 15 minutes , and You won't be cold .

Step 1: Starting

First of all - find two ( preferably different ) sweters / pieces of fabric .
If you're not so good at matching colors, ask someone that does know.. ( i'm semi colorblind )

I advise not to pick wool ( You can as an outside ) becuse it itches/

Step 2: Cutting

1/ Measure how long you want it to be

2/ Add two centimeters/inch

3/ Put two sweters one on top of the other ,pin Them together and cut in a straight line  

4/ Put one of them on Your neck and see how wide you want The scarf to be - add abit because when you put them together it will be abit narrower.

5/ Cut both pieces similarly ,so they will fit to each other.

Step 3: Sewing

1/ Put both pieces - good side inside

2/ Sew the top part ( The part you cutted earlier )

3/ Open flat and Fold to the other direction 

4/ Sew the long line - Each color to itself 

5/ Flip 

6/ Sew the bottom part 

Step 4: Wearing

This is a good thing to have around on cool days .
it won't fly away with the wind
and it is great as a stylish warm hat for Anyone cool /


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