Introduction: How to Sew a Barbie Doll Dress.

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This is a tutorial on how to make a barbie doll dress, hope you like it!!

Step 1: Tools

You will need a good scissors, needle and thread, (or sewing machine,) small snaps or buttons,  lots of ribbon, lace and fabric scraps, and a barbie or other doll to model on!

Step 2: Skirt

I made a three piece outfit, so I'll start with the first piece.
I cut out a rectangle of white gathered it on the top and added a small snap, then  I sewed the lace on the bottom of the skirt, and turning it inside out, I sewed the sides together leaving a little gap between where the seam ends and where the snap is.

Step 3: Over Skirt

Now for the second piece.
This time I cut out a trapezoid, (I cut it the length so that  you could see the lace of the skirt from underneath.) and hemmed it all the way around and sewed on a ribbon.

Step 4: Bodice

Third piece, the bodice.
I cut this piece out slightly shaped, and shaped it more as I went along, so it would fit snugly.
I hemmed the top and sides, and added a snap near the top. ( the bottom should tuck in the skirt.)
Then I gathered one side of about inch wide strips, for the sleeves, and sewed them on.
I also added a small flower to the bodice.

Step 5: Finished!!

This is just how I made one doll out fit, so be creative, and have fun!!