Introduction: How to Shave the Back of Neckline (without a Mirror!)

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Im a female. Which means that by most social standards I am supposed to be a size "6" with long flowy, feminine, Jhirmack "bounce back beautiful" hair, and should enjoy things like fields of daises, puppies, and unicorns, all whilst riding my pale pink beach cruiser on the boardwalk with a basket full of cupcakes. What would a girl like me know about shaving the back of my head? Nothing. Which is why I have enlisted the help of my male counterpart! Apparently, before we met, he was able to do things for himself like cook, clean, and do laundry. And every once in a while, I give him the opportunity to prove that he doesn't "need" me. So today's lesson is how he managed to shave an even line in the nape of his neck without the use of my assistance, extra hands, or a mirror.

Who needs a barber when all you need is a baseball cap and some decent clippers.

Step 1: Line Up Baseball Cap Bill

Take a baseball cap. Its helpful if the bill is nice and curved. So if you are going to use your fancy limited edition, never been worn, tags still hanging on the top, silver hologram sticker still on the bill, black and white Lakers hat, id rethink that.

Place the bill across your neck and use it as a stencil or a straight edge.

Then start clippin baby!

Step 2: Admire, and Wait for the Women to Flock

Ta Da! Your done. Now go out into the wild and catch that lioness with your freshly shaven, cleaned up neckline. rawr.