How to Shoot Levitation Photos




Introduction: How to Shoot Levitation Photos

Levitation photography is a advanced photography trick. With the new levitagram app everyone can creat levitation photo easily with an iPhone.

Step 1: Start Levitagram on IPhone

If you don't have levitagram, it's in iPhone AppStore.

Step 2: Take 1st Photo

Stand on something and make pose like you are levitation on the sky and take first photo.

Step 3: Take 2nd Photo

Remove the people and supporting and take an empty background.

Step 4: Use Levitagram to Remove

Remove the supporting object with levitagram app. Turn on auto alignment if you didn't use a tripod to take those photos.

Step 5: Done and Share!

Share it and impress your friends!

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    In GIMP you use the Layer Mask
    See my Instructable here
    This instructable is better called a first draft, but I'm learning as I do it. I hope to improve it later.