How to Solve 5 Problems Using a Map



Introduction: How to Solve 5 Problems Using a Map

Sometimes, when you have problems and you don't know how to solve them, just look around. Maybe your solution is nearer than you think.

Today we are gong to see, how you can solve 5 problems with a map.

So... first of all to begin you need a map (Figure 1) - take it and roll it together (Figure 2).

Step 1: Unlock a Locked Door

If a door is locked (Figure 1), take your map to get the door opened.

Terefore unroll the map (Figure 2), move it under the door (Figure 3) and push the key through the keyhole (Figure 4), to make it fall on the map (Figure 5).

Then pull the map (Figure 6) and you have the key to unlock the door (Figure 7).

Step 2: Get a Blue Shirt

If you need a blue shirt for sneaking around undercover, you have to steal one (Figure 1).

Thus go to a woman who hangs up clothes for drying them.

Take a little bean (Figure 2), roll your map a bit tighter to make a blowtube out of it (Figure 4).

Take the bean into your mouth (Figure 3) and use your new blowtube to shoot the bean at the woman's foot (Figure 5).

She will be surprised and will look into the wrong direction (Figure 6) while you can sneak to the blue shirt to steal it (Figure 7).

Step 3: Overwhelm a Cop

If a cop threatens you with his gun, easily take the map with your hidden iron rod inside to knock him out (Figure 1).

First hit the gun in his hand (Figure 2), then hit his guts (Figure 3) and - push him to the ground (Figure 4).

Leave the iron rod, you won't need it any more (Figure 5).

Step 4: Escape in the Desert

If you are running through the desert and some cops want to catch you (Figure 1), use your map to escape quickly.

Thus easily jump over a dune (Figure 2), unroll your map (Figure 3), sit on it and use it as a sled (Figure 4).

When the distance is high enough, run away (Figure 5).

Step 5: Patch a Hole in Your Balloon

If a cop shot a hole in your balloon (Figure 1+2), you can use the map to repair it.

Thus easily take the tape in the balloon (Figure 4), climb up to the hole (Figure 5) and use map with tape to patch the hole (Figure 6).

Wouldn't work easier :)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    If you're going to lift stills off a video, why not just post the video? L


    12 years ago on Introduction

    When was the last time you saw a heyhole that opened to both sides and would allow you to push the key out? I can't wait for the instructable that shows you how to stand on someone's shoulders and use chocolate bars to plug a leak in a giant vat of sulfuric acid.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I think you could add a caveat to this Instructable, "How to solve 5 problems using a map if you are McGyver and live in a universe where cartoon physics apply" :)