Introduction: How to Start Airsoft

Begining airsoft is a task that can be difficult to do if you don't know what to buy so in this tutorial I will show you the steps to begin airsoft.

Step 1: Eye Protection.

getting hit with airsoft BB's can hurt but won't do any permenent damage, unless you are shot in the eye which will most likely permenetly blind you, so you are required to where some form of eye protection. personally I use the Pyramex Highlander Safety Eyewear which cost me 8 bucks. Some fields require people under 18 to where full face protection, Either you can wear a paintball mask or get safety glasses with a mesh mask.

Step 2: Other Protection

If you still are worried about BB's hurting I would recomend a scarf of some kind to protect your neck, also I would recommend a vest as protection but we will get more into that later

Step 3: The Gun

There is a huge varity of airsoft guns so we will go throught all types of guns. Spring guns are only effective if your enemy has a spring gun if you are at a professional field you don't got much of a chance, the only spring guns that are effective against AEG's are snipers or burst shot guns. Automatic eletric guns or AEG's are the most common and the best pick for beginners, AEG's run off of batteries so you should fully charge them before a game it also helps to get two. Gas and co2 guns cost a lot of money so I wouldn't recommend them for new players.

For beginners I would recomend and M4 AEG because they are easy to find and magazines and other attachments aren't to rare ethier.

Step 4: Gear

When you first start gear is not your first priority however it is very helpful on the field. Vests/plate carriers are very helpful for holding mags, BB's, and other things however you don't need to buy a very good one just make sure it can hold at least two high caps. A helmet is not required but I would recommend one just to look cool and to record gameplay. If you live where it snows I would recommend getting snow pants to keep you dry and protected. I don't wear boots but I see why they are useful, again if you play in the snow you may want to consider boots. Gloves to me personally a requirement because getting shot in the knuckle is VERY painful.

Step 5: Uniform

At my airsoft field we split teams between tan and green. if you are going to airsoft you should wear ethier a military jacket of a green hoodie, I wear a condor outdoor jacket colored olive drab (dark green) I still where jeans when its not snowing but if you want you can buy camo pants but they can get rather expencive.

Step 6: BB's!

if you're going airsofting you should get some ammo but you should look for a good brand, personally I use Elite force .2-.25 gram BB's. Buying from companies like crossman may give you lackluster performance or worse break your gun. Always make room for BB's in your budget.

Step 7: Have Fun

Airsoft is a sport that is made to be fun, even though it is stressfull at times never let the fear of having a small burse ruin your day.