Introduction: How to Strip and Connect Wires With a Butt Connector

This is perfect for radio installs and other small electrical uses around the home or car.
Skills required: Previous knowledge of stripping wire is very useful.
Materials/tools required: Two wires that you need to connect, a tool that can strip wire (red handle in picture), a tool that can crimp butt connectors (yellow handle in picture), and butt connectors in several sizes.
Time: The first time you do this it could take awhile, after you learn what you are doing this can be done in just a minute or so.
The following picture is what you will have after you follow these 10 steps.

Step 1: Step 1: Make Sure There Is No Electricity Running Through the Wire!

Seriously, this is not a joke. Electrical shocks can be fatal!

Step 2: Work Towards Finding the Wire Gauge

With the wire in one hand and the wire stripping tool in the other, starting with the largest hole and move toward the smallest. Place the wire in it and close the gap. The goal is to find a size for the outside of the wire where you can barely move the wire around yet you are not cutting into the insulation.

Step 3: Find the Correct Size and Squeeze

Now that you have found the size for the outside of the wire, move in about 3/8***** (the stripped portion of the wire should not be longer than half of the small connector) in from the end you want to connect. Place the tool one size smaller than in the previous step and squeeze the handle. This time you should feel the tool cut slightly into the insulation. Take note of what the numbers are next to the hole in the stripping tool you are using. You will need this number later.

Step 4: Spin the Tool and Slide the Insulation Off

Spin the tool around the wire just once to make sure that it has cut all the way around, and slide toward the outside of the wire to remove the insulation. This takes some effort, you may need to try fairly hard to get the insulation to slide off, if you need more leverage on the long side of the wire try wrapping it around your finger.

Step 5: Do the Twist

If there are multiple small wires inside of the insulation you just removed, twist them together.

Step 6: Find the Correct Butt Connector

Remember the wire size from earlier? Find a butt connector with the correct size written on it.

Step 7: Prepare to Crimp

Insert the stripped and twisted wire halfway into the connector. This is a good time to make sure it isn't too long. if the stripped part of the wire is too long you can use the stripping tool to cut just the stripped portion down some.
Note: look at this diagram of the inside of this type of connector, in the next step you will need to crimp down on the area with the metal inside.

Step 8: Crimp the Connector

Grab the wire crimping tool and match the color of the butt connector with the appropriately colored and sized portion of the tool. This is the indentation you want to use for crimping the connector. Hold the wire in place and squeeze firmly on the tool. This may require significant amount of effort depending on the person and wire size being crimped.

Step 9: Repeat Previous Steps 3-7 for the Other Wire.

Now repeat steps 3-7, just in the other side of the connector.

Step 10: Verify the Connection Is Strong

Gently tug on both sides of the connector to make sure it wont easily be shaken loose. If it does shake loose you will have to repeat all of the instructions as these type of connectors are one use only.

Congratulations on successfully using butt connectors to make two wires become one!