How to Survive to a Hurrican, Typhone or Cyclon

Introduction: How to Survive to a Hurrican, Typhone or Cyclon

What is it?

Hurricanes,Typhones and Cyclones are one the most destructive disasters in nature. Anually it causes more than 20,000 deaths in the world. The hurrican is the most common in North America, this phenomenon causes more than 15,000 deaths
in the hurrican temporate. In Asia the typhone attacks in the japan, India, and the east Asian, it causes more than 25,000 deaths
in the year. The Cyclon attacks Oceania and it causes 5,000-10,000 deaths in the year.

Step 1: What to Do When You Detect the Cyclon.

When you detect the cyclon:

The first you have to do is to obtain: first aids, a lot of water, food, blankets and when you got them, you can go. Second you must go to the hostel for you protection if you decide leave the city is a very
good idea.

Step 2: When the Cyclon Impacts the Earth

When the cyclone touches earth you can't go out because the wind is very fast, the wind
can reach more than 320 km/h and the trash impact the objects with a incredible strength
and is very dangerous. Like the image.

Step 3: How Long It Takes ?

It is not so simple how Hurricane feeds on the warm of the sea that is what gives you energy and is
synergistic power, if same that grows more and more to act as vortex  coming out of the sea storm
is weakened by not having to feed transfer speed is proportional to the low atmospheric
pressure that is in it's path If the pressure is very low forward more slow and vice versa.

Step 4: Before the Cyclon

When the cyclone has finished you can exit from the hostel when the wind has ended
and is not dangerous exept for the trash and if you are living in the area where there are dangerous
animals like crocodile, snakes and snapping turtles is very dangerous go to the water.

Step 5: If the City Is Destoyed

If the city is totally destoyed you need to leave the city until a new notice, because is very
dangerous to go to the destroyed city by the unstable rubble and this rubble 
can collapse over you and kill you.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    With all the weird weather (and other natural and man-made) disasters, this is a very good thing to know about.

    I still like Dave Barry's idea - drive to Nebraska (about 2000 miles/3000 km away from where the hurricane might hit) and stay there until after the hurricane season. (