Introduction: Switch Adapted Walking and Barking Dog.

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This Instructable will cover how to modify this toy so that it can be used with different acess methods (Switch or remote)  I selected this red busy box originally made by Dr. Steve Kanor at Enabling Devices. I have lots of them and they provide a nice surface for interacting.  They also are not used much anymore or are broken.  They usually are donated here at the Library.  One can select any interface as long as it is able to connect to the three push button controller.  I have another Doggie that has the basic 1/4 jack switch adaption, where one can plug in a jelly bean style switch.

Step 1: Remove Existing Wires and Reuse Them.

Remove or cut old wires.  Remove (optional) battery compartment, Vibration motor fan motor.  If you choose to keep them and re-use them all then just solder your wires on top of the current setup.  Expose your three switches and solder 2 wires for each switch, use longer wires.

Step 2: Feed Dogs Wire Harness

insert the dogs wire harness and push button Board through the top to the underside.  I cut a small hole where the battery case was.

Step 3: Solder Wires to a Longer Extension.

I had some old phone chord laying around in my wire supplies so that's what was used.  In retrospect speaker wire and a mechanism from a tape measure would have worked well.  Solder wires from the dog controller to the corresponding telephone wire.  Thankfully the wire for the dog is marked well as when reattaching the other end of the telephone cable, you need to match the wires properly.

Step 4:

once you have re-attached the wires to the telephone chord,  Attach the wires to the corosponding push button board (see Image note)  choose which switch you would like to do what.  I opted for a match so left switch goes forward, middle pull string barks and right goes backward.

Step 5: Glueing

I had run out of wire shrinky things to cover so hot melt glue did the job,  Attach wires down and out of the way. 

Step 6: Final Testing

Completed project and with a bit longer wire. 

Step 7: Video of Completed Project, Ready to Be Played With!