How to Take a SHOWER With a Orthopedic Cast




Introduction: How to Take a SHOWER With a Orthopedic Cast

so i broke my arm again and i have to stay like this for 2 month and well i need a shower

Step 1:

Step 2: What U Need

#2 plastic bags
#a paper tape role (it wont pull ur hair out when u remove it)

Step 3: Test the Bags

bags have to be airtight to keep water out

Step 4: Where the Bag

put the bag on ur arm and twist it around

Step 5: Warp Warp Warp

start warping the bag with tape after u done do the other for max protection

Step 6: Take a Nice Shower

Step 7: After U R Done Start Removing

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    9 years ago

    I've done this before when I had to have a partial cast when I sprained my ulnar tendon (the one that goes to your thumb) and it works good, i'm only in the shower a 10 minuets a day, but with a broken arm it might be 20 minuets lol.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry but this don't work very good...
    I break three times my left hand, one my right one and one more the right leg and ever when I try something like this my own sweat, aimed by the plastic bags, wet the orthopaedic plaster.
    The thing I do to take a shower is like this, but on first step, wrap around the broken arm/leg a big piece of cotton or wool fabric which absorb my own sweat, and after, layer with plastic bags like you.