Introduction: How to Take GREAT Photos!

Anyone can take good pictures with any camera, but i'm gonna tell you tips on how to take GREAT  pictures with any camera after 

Step 1: Stealthiness

This is a tip on having stealth when taking a picture.If you're trying to take a picture of something that could move any second, you need to move slowly and quietly so they don't move. When I took this picture of my cute little  puppy sleeping, I had to be very quiet or else she would probably wake up.

Step 2: Shine

In some pictures you have something called shine. Sometimes there's only a little shine in a picture, like the shaved ice. Then there could be a lot of shine, like in the picture of the seaweed and ocean. You can get shine by taking a picture with the sun shining  above what ever you're taking a picture of. But sometimes it doesn't work. I found that water  can make the most shine because its almost like a mirror to the sun. That's why the photo of the seaweed and ocean had more shine than the shaved ice. 

Step 3: Fuzz

Fuzz is very important in pictures. It  makes you want to look further in the distance of the picture. In the shell picture , you can see the front of the picture well , but as you look further down in the picture it starts to fuzz or in other words, blur . 

Step 4: Light and Shadow

Light and shadow is also very important in pictures. It's almost like shine except light is every where in pictures  and it can make shadows. Shine is only in certain spots of a picture and can't make shadows. In the flower pictures, light and shadow work together to make great pictures. Light can bring out the brightness of a color and shadow can shade the spots of the picture that are being blocked from the light.

Step 5: Side and Middle

 I bet in most of the pictures you take have the main focus in the middle, like in the picture of the parrot. But sometimes its good to have your main focus on the side, like in the picture of again my cute little puppy.

Step 6: Close Up Photos

Close up photos are kinda hard. Sometimes if your get to close up then the whole picture would just be a blur. To get a good close up picture, you have to be a little distance between you and whatever you're taking the picture of and zoom in. This is another picture of my cute little puppy.

Step 7: Focus

To me, focus is the most  important thing in a picture. The camera focuses on the one thing in the picture and blurs out everything in the back round. 

Step 8: Breathing

Whenever  I take a picture I usually take a deep breath, hold it,take the picture, and let it go. For some reason it always helps me steady myself and take the picture right where I want it.If  you have shaky hands whenever you take a picture, i recommend this for you.

Step 9: Done!

Well, thats all the tips your gonna need for taking a great picture. I hope you have fun! 

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