How to Take an Awesome Photo

Introduction: How to Take an Awesome Photo

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My dad is an amazing photographer and has taught me some stuff about taking some good pictures.

Step 1:

First, you need to find a good object to take a picture of. To start use some thing that doesn't move. I have the gate way arch.

Step 2:

Now, you need to get a good angle. Remember if you are taking a picture of something very big you don't need the whole thing in the picture. Try not to have shaky hands. If you need to get a picture object but cant get to close to it you can always zoom in.

Step 3:

You also need to have a lens that is made for what you are taking a picture of especialy if you are taking an action shot. 

Step 4:

Taking pictures of animals is a different story. You can't get to close and if you are at the zoo there is most likely a fence or glass. Wild animals are the best to take pics of. You have to be be patient and take alot of pictures to find the perfect one.

Step 5: Using the Focus

On most cameras there should be a spinning ring around the lens. When you spin it, it adjusts the focus. The focus is the thing that makes your picture blurry or clear. It make and interesting effect when the background is blurry and the main object is clear. 

Step 6: Refections

A super cool thing to do is to reflect images. This could be on body of water, a glossy floor, or a mirror. Reflections are everywhere, you just have to find them.

Step 7:

That is my instructable. Hope you liked it.

p.s. if you take a really good picture and you would like to share it post it with any other comments. I would love to see your pics!

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