Introduction: How to Take Awesome Pictures of Fast Action

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basically I am going to show you to get a awesome picture of something that happens in the blink of an eye. The example I am using is the popping of a water balloon. Interested? read on.

Step 1: Setup

you will need

safe place to pop a water balloon (I used a tub)

full water balloon

something sharp to pop balloon with

video camera (I used my digital camera)

tripod for camera

dark background (I used a blue towel)

Windows movie maker program (it comes with Windows Vista, you might be able to use a different program, I will just be teaching with this)

Step 2: Take a Video

set up your whole area kinda like mine was and shoot your video. Make sure you are in focus.

Step 3: Load Video Into Windows Movie Maker

this is fairly simple, just look to the right of the screen and you should see under the word import there should be a link that says "Videos" click that link and just open that file.

Step 4: Take the Pic Out of the Video

Start watching the video, when it gets close to where the action happens (like right after the balloon pops) start pressing the left arrow beside the play button to go from frame to frame.
When you get to the frame that you want to be a pic then just go to the top menu bar and look for the "tools" option go down that list until you see "take picture from preview" option, click that and just save to where you want it.

Step 5: Enjoy

you can even use this method to get pics of lightning and such (I am planning on using this to get pics of shooting my .22).

P.S. thanks to PKM for the ideas on the flour and water pics.