Introduction: How to Take Care of a Tortoise

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In this instructable will tell you how to take care of a tortoise. I show my tortoise in the pics which is a hybrid so you cannot trust my ways of taking care of him (tortoises have different behaviors). I will try to be very general on tortoises.

Step 1:

Well first up we will talk about food-and if your tortoise sleeps often it is quite natural mine sleeps for a long time/until you give him food :)

some foods
1 lettuce
2 cabbage
3 spinach not all the time
4 carrots
5 apple
6 dandelion leaves
if you get them from your yard make sure they do not have any fertilizer on them or weed killer

Sometimes if you hover food over his nose he will wake up and eat. I do not understand why he likes my jasmine plant so much better than everything else.

Step 2:

another thing to do is to take tortoises outside. This is an essential thing to do if you do not have a uv lamp. Take him outside in warm weather for an hour or more. Take him into an unfertilized or weed killer used on lawn is very bad do not do it. I am sorry i could not obtain a picture for I was not able to take him outside.

Step 3:

In winter keep a light on him or else he might go into hibernation. If it is cold best thing to do is get a heating light.

Step 4:

Lastly about bathing time. Take a flat pan not made from metal. Fill with lukewarm water and place tortoise inside. If he enjoys it let him stay. If he does not let him go where he wants to.

my tortoise is drinking water and dipping.

Step 5:

And about cleaning. It may be a bit hard at first but it becomes easy after awhile. If you have newspapers you may pick them up and put it in a bag. For the other type of cleaning it may be hard. His urine will come out with some white acid which may be disgusting. But with a rag tissue or something which can soak water you can probably soak it up.

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