Introduction: How to Teach Your Dog to Sit, Beg, Close the Door, and Lay Down

Ever wanted to learn to teach your dog tricks? Well, you've come to the right person. Even if your dog doesn't listen as much as you want them to, they will still do it if you offer them a treat. Follow the steps to make your dog do tricks. Have fun!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

You should have:

Dog treats/food
A dog

Step 2: Teach Your Dog to Sit

Get your treats ready. Get your dog in a quiet space with no distractions. Show your dog the treat, lift it up over her head, then say"Sit" firmly and only once. If she sits, then give her the treat. Do this until

A) She is overloaded on treats

B) She starts going crazy

C) She sits

Step 3: Teach Your Dog to Lay Down

Get your treats ready. Show your dog the treat. Get her to sit. (It is way easier to get your dog to lay down if you get her to sit first.) Keep the treat in your hand and bring it very close to the floor. Say "Lay down" firmly and only once. When she starts to lay down, quickly take the treat away from the floor. If she continues to lay down, after she does give her the treat. Do this until:

Well..... same as the last time.

Step 4: Teach Your Dog to Beg

Get your treats ready. Follow the steps to tell your dog to sit. Show her the treats. Kind of wiggle the treat in the air and say "Beg" or "Up" firmly and only once. (If you have a big dog, this trick is kind of hilarious!) If your dog gets on her hind legs, then give her the treat.

Step 5: Teach Your Dog to Close the Door

Get your treats ready. Go on the side of a door where the door pushes closed. Get your treat and show it to your dog. Tap the treat on the door. Say firmly, "Close the door" or, for simpler instructions, say "Push".Your dog should jump up like she is begging, but with her front paws against the door. She should push the door closed halfway into the slot, and then if you tap it again she should push it all the way closed. If you have a big dog she should push it all the way into the slot.

Have fun with the tricks!