Introduction: How to Thread Eyebrows

The art of eyebrow threading is a very old beauty technique. In a nut shell, it involves removing hair with thread. Some say it originated in the Middle East, others think it started in India. Either way, it's a pretty cool concept, but a little tricky to master.

So, I hope this Instructable will help you on your quest of learning how to thread eyebrows....

Step 1:

-First you will need to cut a piece of sewing thread about 11inches long (if you have big hands/fingers then you might need a longer piece of thread).

-Then tie the thread in a knot to make a loop.

Step 2:

-Insert two fingers from both hands into the loop. Make sure to keep the knot on your fingers to keep it hidden.

-Twist the fingers on one hand to make an 'X'.

-Twist your fingers a few more times in the same direction (about 4 twists should be enough).

Step 3:

-Now, place your index finger and thumb inside the loop (make sure you don't lose the shape of the thread or you'll have to repeat step 2).

-Keep the fingers of one hand pinched together while you open the fingers of the other hand. This will slide the twisted part of the thread over. This movement is how the thread grips the hair and pulls it out. (kind of like when you rub a rubber band over your arm and it pulls out your hair...actually it hurts like that too when you are removing multiple hairs such as your upper lip).

Step 4:

-What you want to do is make sure you pull the hair in the opposite direction of the way it grows.
So, place one hand above your brow and the other below. The hand that will be used to move the twisted part of the thread will be the hand below the brows.

-Place the hair you want to pull out in the 'V' part of the thread.

-Open fingers on hand below brow to move the twist over the hair. The hair gets caught in the twist and THUS will be pulled out!!! Do this movement fast. It will work easier and be painless.

Step 5:

Open the fingers of the other hand to place the twist back in the middle. Then you can repeat step 4 over again.

***MAKE SURE WHEN YOU DO THIS MOVEMENT YOU DON'T HAVE THE THREAD NEAR HAIR. It could lead to accidently pulling hair out.***

Step 6:


-When threading near hair you don't want removed, you can use the thread to push the hair out of the way. This will allow easier access to the one hair you want removed.

Step 7:


I suggest practicing the movements first. Alternating between opening one hand then the other.

I also suggest practicing on your(or your boyfriend's) leg hair before attempting the brow. It is hard to control the thread in the beginning. If you don't practice first, you may end up with very oddly shaped eyebrows.

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