Introduction: How to Throw a Slime Party

For three years we've been throwing slime parties and they've become one of the highlights of the summer.  The party consists of games that causes the players to get messier and messier throughout the day.  The winner of each game gets to "slime" someone else.  It looks gross but they have a great time.  This Instructable lists the games that we've played that work out well (we've had some that bombed) and tips for making them go smooth.

We call it a slime party because, even though we don't use slime, the players end up pretty slimy.

Overall tips:
  • Have an even number of players.
  • I don't require everybody to play every game.  This lowers anxiety but the peer pressure (and fun) sucks them in almost every time.  I've only had one player sit out a single game.
  • The kids will get wet so have the party on a warm day.
  • I write the names of the players on ping pong balls to randomly choose the sides for each game.  This prevents somebody from feeling left out by being chosen last.

Step 1: Items

For the games listed here you will need the following items:
  • Box of Cheerios (or similar).
  • Aluminum pie tins (at least one per player).
  • At least 2 water noodles (you want solid ones).
  • At least 1 large egg per player (I use the largest I can find in the store).
  • Queen-sized, knee-high pantyhose, one pair for every two players.  You definitely want to get Queen (or Plus or whatever) sized.
  • Bottle of ketchup.
  • Bottle of mustard.
  • Papers with a large circle printed on them.  Depending on how you run the games you'll want two per player.
  • Masking tape.
  • Lots of chocolate pudding.  For example, at least 20 boxes of the large My-T-Fine instant pudding boxes.
  • Two large aluminum roasting pans.
  • At least two items for hiding in the pudding.  See the section on the Bobbing in Pudding for more info because it can be a bit tricky finding the right items.  The best thing I've found so far are small raw-hide dog bones.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Two or three bags of large marshmallows.
  • Bag of Hershey's Kisses.  The ones with the soft chocolate center are best (because they melt quicker).
  • Paper lunch bags, at least one per player.
  • Ping pong balls, one per player.
  • 4- or 8-oz tupperware-type containers, one for each player.
  • Lots of Jello.  You'll want enough to fill each of the tupperware containers.
  • Large can of stewed tomatoes.
In addition, you'll need "slime" items that the players will smear or pour on each other.  Usually I trawl through the grocery store and look for items that will gross out the players or make a mess.  Stuff like:
  • Mayonnaise
  • Beef gravy
  • Pancake syrup
  • Sardines
  • Molasses
  • Soy sauce
  • Alfredo sauce
  • Salad dressing.
The sardines are a party favorite.  Depending on how you run the games you'll want at least one "slime" item per player.  I usually have a few extra.

Lastly, you'll need some household items:
  • Portable radio and some music
  • Chairs
  • Pair of dice.
  • A kitchen scale makes it easier to judge the Jello toss.
  • A hose to hose them all down when you're done.  They'll be messy!

Step 2: Preparation

To prepare for the party:
  1. Make the pudding.  If you're using instant pudding you can use water instead of milk.  I make it thinner than pudding normally would be, mostly because I don't need as much instant pudding.  Make enough to fill both the roasting pans and another container for holding reserve pudding.  When playing the game the kids will splash the pudding around and after every few players you'll need to top off the pans with more pudding.  You need the pudding to be deep enough to completely cover the item you hide.
  2. Fill the tupperware containers with the jello.
  3. I randomly choose the slime items so I arrange them in a line and have the kids roll the dice to choose which slime item they'll use.
  4. Write each player's name on a ping pong ball and drop them in a paper lunch bag.  Use these to randomly choose players for the games.
  5. Set up the portable radio so it can be used for one of the games later.

Step 3: Snooter Shooters.

The object of Snooter Shooters is to get the most Cheerios into a pan by shooting them out your nose into the pan.  I break up the kids into two groups and run this game in two rounds, with one winner for each round.

Set up:
  • Randomly choose the players in each round by pulling ping pong balls out of the bag.
  • Arrange the chairs in a circle and have the kids sit in them.
  • Place an aluminum pan between their feet.
  • Give them each a cup of Cheerios to hold in their hands/lap.
  • Players have three minutes to get as many Cheerios as they can into the pan at their feet.
  • Cheerios must be shot out the nose.
  • Players must keep their back against the back of the chair.  Their pan is dumped if they lean over too far.
  • If a player runs out of Cheerios before the time is up they may pick up Cheerios off the ground and try again.  (Ewwww!)
I always start off the party with this game because they kids aren't slimy  yet and they won't mess up the chairs.  Keep an eye out for cheaters who try to drop Cheerios with their hands.

Step 4: Winner Gets to Slime Someone

I do this after every game but I will only have one step for it in this Instructable.

The winner(s) of each game get to slime some one.  Randomly pull out a ping pong ball to see who they slime then have them roll the dice to see what item they slime with.  The slimer then gets to slime the slimee.  The randomness adds a little excitement, especially if the sardines are still available.

I have a rule that a player can only slime one person until everybody has had a chance to slime someone so sometimes the second-place winner (or even third) is the one who gets to slime.  To keep the players involved after they have slimed some one I keep track of the total wins and give the player with the most wins a last special "slime".

The pictures above are different slimings.

Step 5: The Egg Smash

This is my favorite because it is so ridiculous.  The object is to smash your opponent's egg before they smash yours. 

  • Give each player a pantyhose and one egg.
  • Players are to put the egg in the toe of the pantyhose and then pull the pantyhose over their head until it holds the egg tight on the top of their head.
  • Randomly pair up the players using the ping pong balls.
  • Players are placed about 6 feet apart (it varies depending on how tall the kids are).
  • Each are given a water noodle.
  • Players take turns taking a single swing at the egg on their opponent.  Winner is the one who smashes the other's first.
  • Players must stand still while the other swings.
  • Pair off winners until you have a single winner.  They get to slime someone.

I give each player at least one swing.  If both players end up with smashed eggs they both lose.  If you didn't get queen-sized pantyhose then they won't be large enough to fit over their heads.

Step 6: Tongue Painting

The object of this game is to fill in a circle with ketchup or mustard with your tongue.

  • You'll need a place to tape the papers.  I tape them to small surf boards and have the kids hold them.  You can do something similar (e.g. with serving trays) or tape them to a wall.
  • Set up a line about 15 feet from the papers.  Players will start behind this line.
  • As usual, pair up the players randomly.
  • Each round will need:
    • Two players (the painters).
    • Two non-players to pour the ketchup/mustard on the tongue of the painters.
    • Two non-players to hold the surf boards.
    • One or two judges to determine who wins.
  • On "go" the players will have ketchup/mustard poured on their tongue.
  • They then run to the papers and fill in the entire circle with ketchup/mustard.
  • Judge determines who finished first.

I pair off winners until I have just one.

Step 7: Jello Toss

The object is to toss as much jello as possible into your partners bag.  It helps if you bank it off their face.

  • Randomly pair off the players.
  • In each pair, give one a tub of jello, the other a paper bag.  Have the players fold down the top edge of the bag a few times to make it stronger.
  • Arrange the player in two lines about 10 feet apart across from their partner.
  • Scoop out the jello and try to toss it in your partner's bag.
  • Partner with the bag must keep their hands by their sides.
  • After the first partners have tossed all their jello flip the partners and give out more bags and tubs.
  • Winners are the team with the most jello in the bags.  A kitchen scale makes judging easier.
The two winners get to slime someone.

Step 8: Bobbing in Pudding

This game appears to be the party favorite, probably because it's the most obviously messy.  Two players bob for a small item buried deep in chocolate pudding.  The winner is the player who finds the item first.

  • Place the two roaster pans filled with pudding at opposite ends of a table (I use a picnic table).
  • Choose two players to square off against each other.
  • The players stand with their backs to the pudding while you bury the item they need to find in the pudding.
  • On the count of "go!" players turn around and plunge their faces into the pudding in search of the item.
  • Players aren't allowed to use their hands.
  • Winner is the one who pulls the item out of the pudding with their teeth.
Have the winners square off against each other until you get down to one last winner.

  • Finding the right item to hide in the pudding isn't trivial.  You want it hard enough to be able to find in the pudding but soft enough not to break their teeth when they stuff their face into the pan.  It's got to be big enough to find but not so big they can choke on it and it has to be heavy enough to keep from floating to the top of the pudding (which is why ping pong balls won't work).  The best thing I've found so far are small raw hide dog bones.  The kids think it's hilarious.
  • Keep a reserve of pudding on the side to top off the pans with more pudding after each player.
  • Warning: the kids can not resist throwing pudding at each other.  Run this game well away from the house.

Step 9: Musical Pies

Another favorite, this game is a variation of musical chairs except that you use whipped-cream pies instead of chairs.

  • Set up the portable radio and have a henchman ready to turn the music on and off.
  • Arrange the players in a circle.
  • Fill one or more of the aluminum pans with whip cream.  If there are a lot of kids start off with two or three pies.
  • When the music starts the players pass the pie(s) around the circle.
  • When the music stops all players holding a pie get the pie smashed in their face by the player who handed them the pie.  If two players are holding the same pie then the second player gets the pie in the face.
  • The player(s) who got a pie in the face are removed from the circle.
  • Refill the pies and start up the music again.
  • When there are two players left have them stand back-to-back to pass the pie back and forth.
When they smash a pie into someone's face, have the smasher hold the pie on their fingertips instead of their palm.  This prevents broken or bloody noses.

Step 10: Chubby Bunnies

This game is a golden oldie.  The object is to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth and say "chubby bunnies".

  • Size matters.  This is the only game I don't break up the players randomly because the bigger kids have an advantage.  Line them up shortest to tallest and break them up into two groups, the tallest in one group, the shortest in the other.
  • Play the game first with one group, then the other.
  • You'll want a trashcan handy.  Some players trigger their gag reflex while trying to stuff in one last marshmallow.  You want them to barf in the can, not your shoes.
  • Give each player three marshmallows and tell them to start plugging their cheeks with them.
  • As quickly as you can, run through the line and have each player say "chubby bunnies".  If they can't say it distinctly they're out.  If they can say it, hand them another marshmallow to stuff in and move on to the next player.
  • Keep rotating through the players, handing out marshmallows, until there's only one player left.
  • No eating or swallowing (unless you're out).

This game is better at the end because some players will have drool and partially chewed marshmallows streaming down their chins.  After pudding, sardines, and jello they don't really care.

Step 11: Drooly Kiss

The object of this game is to dangle a chocolate Kiss on your tongue longer than everybody else.  This game is good partly because it brings good photo ops.   Lots of drool hangs down, especially as the Kisses start to melt and mix in with the drool.

  • Hand everybody an unwrapped Hershey Kiss.
  • On "go" everybody puts the Kiss on the end of their tongue.
  • No touching the Kiss once the game has started.
  • Players are out if the Kiss falls or melts away (or they eat it).  Last one left wins.
This can take a while so you can shorten it by timing it (say, 10 minutes) and handing the win to the player with the largest Kiss left.

Step 12: Final Slime

The player with the most wins gets one last chance to slime the others.  Line up the losers and give the winner a large can of stewed tomatoes to throw and smash at the losers.  Stand back because it will eventually devolve into mayhem with lots of flying tomatoes.

Step 13: Hose 'em Down

By this time they are a sticky, smelly mess. (You did use the sardines, right?)  Line them up and hose them down.  We have the party near a lake and they jump in to get the rest of it off.