Introduction: How to Throw a Football

This instructable will show a detailed account of how to accurately throw a football. There are 4 main steps to throwing a football: hand placement, stance, release, and follow through. The hand placement determines the control you have on your throw. Your stance is where you get the power to make the throw. The release is the actual action of throwing the ball. The follow through determines the accuracy and spin that you have on your throw. Following this step by step process will make a perfect throw.

Step 1: Hand Placement

A. Grip the ball with your dominant hand

B. Wrap your thumb around the bottom of the ball leaving a pocket between your hand and the ball

C. Place index finger near tip of the ball  

D. Place middle finger at the end of the laces

E. Place ring and pinky finger on 2nd and 4th laces respectively 

Step 2: Stance

A. Keep your feet shoulder width apart in a natural athletic stance. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your two legs and you should be on your toes.

B. Grab the ball with your off hand and hold the ball at eye level.

C. Face receiver with non-throwing shoulder, while keeping your shoulders square

Step 3: Release

A. Rotate your body back to gain torque and power on your throw. 

B. Bring ball up as high as it can go above your head. The release point is crucial the higher you go the more power you can put into your throw

C. Step forward with your front foot while removing your off hand. Your step is where you get most of your power. You must step towards your target to make an accurate throw

D. Bring the ball over the top and release around shoulder level

Step 4: Follow Through

A. As you release the ball, flick your index finger towards your target

B. Rotate your hand as you are releasing the ball

C. Follow through with your arm to your opposite knee

D. Bring your leg over the top and finish with it even with your front leg

Step 5: Video Demonstration