Introduction: How to Throw a Football - Garrett Hughes

Haven't you ever wondered how to throw a football correctly? If so here are the steps to doing so.

Step 1: Hand Placement

A) Place your hand on the ball with your index finger closest to the tip of the ball.

B) Place your middle finger off the end of the white laces of the football.

C) Place your ring finger in between the second and 3rd laces from the back.

D) Place your pinky finger between the 4th and 5th laces from the back of the football.

E) Wrap your thumb around the ball.

Step 2: Stance

A) Place both of your feet shoulder with apart with the throwing shoulder back.

B) Raise both of your hands to the level of your ear with the laces facing away from you.

C) Face the target with the shoulder your not throwing with towards the target.

Step 3: Release

A) Throw your shoulders back while lifting the ball about three inches.

B) Drop your non-throwing hand away from ball to your chest level.

C) Release your throwing arm into a forward motion.

D) While your throwing arm is in forward motion, raise the ball above your head.

E) Step forward with leg opposite of your throwing hand towards your target.

Step 4: Video Demonstration

This video shows all steps of how to throw a football.