How to Throw a Frisbee (Backhand)




Introduction: How to Throw a Frisbee (Backhand)

These instructions are designed to instruct you, the user, on how to throw a frisbee backhanded.  There are multiple ways to throw a frisbee: forehand, backhand, hammer... the backhand is generally the first throw that is learned.  To master a backhand throw it will take time and practice depending on how quick you learn. 

>>>DISCLAIMER:  These instructions and  the writers and not responsible for any injuries and/or accidents caused by using or handling a frisbee.  Please stretch properly before use.  Pictures were found at the following cites in order the of appearance through out the instructions:<<<<

Step 1: Finding a Throwing Area

1.     Find an open area such as a park or field.  You should do your best to avoid busy streets, crowded areas, and easily broken objects such as glass. Depending on your skill level, you will not need a space bigger than 20 feet by 20 feet if you are just learning how to throw a frisbee. A driveway may work if there are no vehicles around.

2.     It is also helpful and more enjoyable to have another person throw the frisbee back to you.

<Pictures provide examples or areas that may be utilized.>

Step 2: Positioning Yourself and the Frisbee

1.    In order to throw the frisbee the best you can we recommend using your dominant hand . We will refer to the dominant side and hand as the right side; if your left hand is dominant insert ‘left’ where it says ‘right’.

2.    Grab the frisbee with your right hand and place your thumb on the top of the frisbee and the other four fingers on the bottom. <The first picture with a yellow frisbee.>   The “bowl” of the frisbee should be facing down when your arm is parallel to the ground and your thumb is facing the sky.

3.     Pick a target/destination for your frisbee to be thrown.

4.     Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and turn the toe of your left foot out slightly (no more than 45 degrees from your other foot) and move it back half a step. With your right foot, take a medium sized step forward keeping your right leg facing your target.  Your feet will be slightly more than a step apart and your weight should be slightly more on your left foot.  <Reference the picture of the girl with a frisbee.>

5.       Curl your right arm into your chest while holding the frisbee level.  Depending on how long your arms are, the frisbee will be approximately halfway up your rib cage and in the middle of your body or a little more to the left side of your rib cage.  This position should not apply too much pressure on your joints. Your wrist can curl but do not make it curl too much because it can be painful after a while.   <Reference the picture with the person in the bright blue shirt for how to curl your arm with the frisbee.>

6.    (OPTIONAL) Slightly twist your upper body to the left to face the direction your left toe is pointing; your hips should twist slightly too.  (This gives a more powerful throw, it is recommended to learn first without twisting.)

Step 3: Throwing the Frisbee: the Motion and the Release

1.      In one smooth, fluid motion uncurl your arm (if twisting, untwist simultaneously) releasing the frisbee such that your right arm points directly at your target as you look straight down your arm.  As you are uncurling your arm, shift your weight to your right foot so that when you release the frisbee the majority of your weight is resting on your right foot.   <Reference the picture of the man in the dark shirt to see the motion.>
              -> Keep the Frisbee as level as possible.    <Referencing the picture of the girl, she had a very smooth throw;  you can see this by how the disc looks like an oval.>
              -> Jerky movements (including the release) most likely will create a large amount of wobble in the frisbee as it flies.

2.       (OPTIONAL) As you grow accustomed to throwing a frisbee you may try taking a step with your right foot.  This may be done by picking up your right foot as you curl your arm into your chest and stepping forward toward your target as you release the frisbee.  (This technique can also give a more powerful throw. You may want to learn the motions without taking a step before you start adding new motions.)

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