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Introduction: How to Tie a Scapular

Here is a step by step procedure on how to roll tie a scapular. A thank you to Kiteman who pointed out that many don't know what a scapular is. Scapulars are worn by many catholics. A word meaning “shoulders” in Latin, these are a sign of devotion to Mary and faithfulness to Christ. This is worn over the shoulders or when roll tied it more resembles a necklace.

Step 1: Roll One Side

With the scapular face up on a table, roll one of the felt backed pictures as tightly as you can. Be sure to have the image/picture on the inside of the roll.

Step 2: Wrap & Tie One Side (right Side)

Firmly hold the rolled body of the scapular and allow the two strings to hang down (1st picture). To wrap the scapular (2nd picture), you may start on either side. I chose to start on the right & thus the instructions follow suit. (This is the tricky part) Allow the sting to hang down and wrap it under and behind the felt roll. Continue to wrap the string around your finger, again the string should first pass under, then behind your finger, before coming over the top of your finger. following the same path, wrap a second time around your finger. It's important that the string is not twisted as it wraps around your finger (the string will be twisted, further down the length of the string, just not where it is wrapped around your finger, this is ok.) Also ensure that the string is wrapped from right to left. Meaning the second wrap around the finger is to the left of the first wrap. Now slide the wrappings off you finger onto the rolled body of the scapular (3rd picture). Note that the loose end of the string runs under it's self where it is attached to the rolled picture. Tighten the wrappings just enough that they will stay on without slipping or falling off (4th picture).

Step 3: Wrap & Tie Other Side (left Side)

Follow the same instruction in Step 2, but now it is mirrored on the left side. Again wrap the sting twice around your finger (1st picture), coming from under, then behind then over, ensuring there are no twists in the portion you are working with. This time the second wrap will be to the right of the first. Move the wrappings to the body of the rolled scapular (2nd picture). Again the loose end of the string should pass under itself where it is attached to the roll. Gently tighten to prevent the wrappings from coming undone or falling off (3rd picture).

Step 4: The Other Side of the Scapular

If you lay your half completed scapular on a table, you will notice your strings are twisted. Each string is twisted the number of times you wrapped the body of the scapular on the other end. Don't worry about this. As you wrap this end the twists will disappear! Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 on this end of the scapular.

Step 5: Finishing the Scapular

Work all the slack out & tighten the wrappings on each side & on each end of the scapular (1st picture). You may notice that I stacked the wrappings on top of each other. I mean, you only see one width of the string (for the most part). This is not necessary, but I think it makes a nicer looking finish. If you lay the scapular on the table it should not have any twists in the strings. If it does, they can be removed by rolling one end of the scapular through it's self (2nd & 3rd pictures).

Step 6: Changing the Size, Length or Circumference... However You Want to Say It!

In these instructions I showed doing a double wrap on each side and at each end of the scapular. For a shorter or tighter fit around the neck you can do a triple (or quadruple) wrap (3rd picture). For a longer or looser fit, just do a single wrap (1st picture).

For even greater sizing options, you can do half sizes. That is, for example, you could do, three wraps on the left side & two wraps on the right. Flip the scapular over and repeat, three on the left & two on the right. This would be sized right in between a scapular with double wraps at each end & one with triple wraps at each end. One caveat to this half sizing will result in a single twist on each side of the scapular.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    OK, dopey question, but what's a "scapular"?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Scapulars (a word meaning “shoulders” in Latin) are a sign of devotion to Mary and faithfulness to Christ. Here is a little more about it


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, I see. It might be an idea to add a bit of that to your introduction, and maybe a note on how to wear it?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Both very good points. Thank you!