Introduction: How to Tie a Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot is a fun and interesting knot. Being that it is so uncommon many people often are impressed by how much it stands out. It's definitely a crowd pleaser!

Step 1: Get Your Tie in Position

Being that this knot is tied with the narrow end you should get the wider end at a comfortable length; which for  most people is around 1-1.5" above their belt line. Whichever hand is best suited for you put the narrow end of the tie in that hand.

Step 2: Put the Narrow End Over the Wider End

As aforementioned this knot is tied with the narrow end. Take the narrow end and cross it over the front of the wider end.

Step 3: Wrap Around and Up

Once you cross over the wider end wrap behind it and pull up

Step 4: Pull the Narrow End Down

Pull the narrow end down and to the side

Step 5: Wrap Around to the Back

Now pull the narrow end behind the loop and out to the other side

Step 6: Pull It Upwards

Once your narrow end is around pull it upwards, but at an angle towards the center so that it is easier to complete the next step.

Step 7: Pull Around

This is basically the same as Step 4 but brought out on the opposite side. It's very important that you pull the narrow end out on this side. This is the original side the narrow end started on.

Step 8: Pull Around the Front

Pull your narrow end around the front

Step 9: Pull the Narrow End Up

Pull the narrow end up around the back

Step 10: Windsor It!

If you're familiar with tying windsor knots then you know what's going on here, but if not, then you need to put the narrow end down through the front in the loop you just made by going around the front in Step 8.

Step 11: Tighten Up!

Pull the narrow end down more and tighten it up a little bit. Don't make it too tight though as you will have to fiddle with it later.

Step 12: Do the Twist

Twist the narrow end around behind the wider end to the left. This is a VERY important step. Your goal is to make sure the wider end is in the front like on most ties.

Step 13: Wrap It Up

Once you twist the narrow end around the wider end, then you start bringing the narrow end up and over your knot. Come from behind and start arching towards the middle

Step 14: It's Tricky

This is where the difficulty begins and ends. You're going to need to push the narrow end through the loop right above the knot you just created. Take your triangular knot and loosen up the piece that goes through the top.

Step 15: Keep It Concealed

Once you figure out the conundrum that Step 14 is and pull the narrow end through the piece at the top you just loosened up; you're just about done. Now you have to take the narrow bit you have left and put it behind the part of the tie wrapped around your neck.

Step 16: Pose for the Frame!

Now with some slight readjusting pull your collar down and show off your necksterpiece (neck + masterpiece).