Introduction: How to Tie a Two-strand Wall Knot Sinnet Paracord Lanyard

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This video tutorial shows how to tie a two-strand wall knot sinnet paracord lanyard, which can be useful for attaching to edc keychains, wallets, knives, multitools, cameras, binoculars, and other gadgets, gear, and gizmos. There's also a short demo after the lanyard tutorial showing the 'snake knot' as I learned it, which starts off with a 'two-strand wall knot' but gets an extra turn. Both are often found to be called the 'snake knot' despite the difference in tying them because the look so similar when completed.

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Schmuckatelli Co.:

The two-strand wall knot is knot #775 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots' (ABoK), and tying the knot in a series, one after the other makes the 'sinnet'.

About 15 feet of #325 paracord was used to make the finished 2 foot long lanyard. You can use more or less to make a lanyard length to suit your own needs.

The Sabertooth and Spartan pewter lanyard beads were provided by Schmuckatelli Co.

I purchased the #325 cord from Hobby Lobby, and it can be found at other sellers as well on ebay, Amazon, and some vendors websites in a number of colors and some camo patterns. The same goes for #425 paracord(3mm), which is also smaller in diameter than 550 paracord, and examples of each of those different sized cords are shown in my tied lanyard photos.

Step 1: