How to Train Your Rat and Other Rodents




Introduction: How to Train Your Rat and Other Rodents

Training your rats, can be extremely simple, and super fun for you and your pet. Even though the instructable says rats, hamsters and other rodents will surely work too.

Since rodents need a lot of human interactions, and exercise, training is perfect way of showing your pets to healthy and happy trained life. And as a note, it’s also super cool to show off to people!

As you probably know, rats are very intelligent. And that's the reason I choose to train my ratties. Follow my simple steps, to the railroad of success! (: He he, that rhymed :)

Note: WARNING!!! Basic supplies need, are super cheap... and found in most homes!!!

Also, rodent training does take time. For your animals to master the tricks, you will need to practice with them 4 to 5 times a week. Don't worry! It's really easy! I did it. :)

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies

What you will need

A rat or some form of a rodent

Some form of treats(: I use this bag of seeds I got at PetSmart :)

An open space(: preferably a cleared table :)

A lot of time (: Which is easy to find :)

Step 2: Trick One: Trust Training, Aka (: Treat Training :)

The first step begins with trust. Trust training, is basically bribing your rats with treats. As bad as it sounds, is how my rats learned to trust me. (: with treats! :)

The only two things you need to have, is your pet. And some pretty darn good treats! I use unsweetened cheerios, and this weird bag of assorted seeds. My rats are crazy obsessed with them!

Every time, you see your pet, him or her a treat, and then… make a noise. I make a clicking sound with my tongue. Another thing you can do, is on a cleared space, just continually give your rats treats and click every time. Soon, all you will have to do is click, and they’ll come running for more treats.

Step 3: Trick Two: Walking

On the clear table, place your cute little rat down, and with a treat in hand

Hold the treat over the head of your rodent, if your pet is a pet, they will probably stand upon their back legs, and try to reach for it. When this occurs, say, “walk” and bring the treat forward a couple inches.

This is my favorite trick, because it's the easiest :)

Step 4: Trick Three: Spinning and Twirling

Again, on a cleared, open space, place your animal. (: i have more than one rat, so if you do, do one at a time. I spend like about 7 to 10 minutes a day on each of my rats. The main thing about training is time and commitment. Yes, you can skip a day or 2 a week, but like humans… we fall out of skills if we don’t practice :)

Hold the treat over the head of your rat, and bring it in a 360 circle, making sure that your cuddly little buddy follows.

This may take awhile, but soon they will recognize the pattern.

Make sure you remember to say spin! Or, twirl.

Step 5: Trick Four: Thee Leap of Faith

This time, place you rat on the edge of a chair, or the classic table. (THIS TRICK ONLY IS FOR RAT OWNERS) Do not go placing your pet bunny on the edge of a chair, or commanding them to hurl themselves at your hand. :)

Back to business... : )

With that tasty treat in the palm of your hand, hold out your hand. Make sure your fingers are pretty much together, to provide your rat support.

As soon as i did this, my adventurous rat leap right into my hand. The other two were quite shy… but they eventually leapt too.

Be sure to say jump, or leap. And when your rats get comfy with the original distance… move your hand, a bit away. Another thing you can do, place your rat upon the ground, and say jump.

Step 6: Now Say Hello to Your New Trained Furry Pets!

Yes! You now have to grab your animal right now, and train them!

It's SOOOOO fun!!!

Now Now Now!

And thank you for viewing my lovely instructable. : )

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6 years ago

I didn't see it said much to use clicker training which is to click (with tongue or clicker) at the exact instant the animal does the trick. This is more powerful than simply giving a reward because the click shows the exact instant the trick was done. if you only give a reward the animal has done a number of little behaviors and doesn't know exactly which one was the good one. So click the instant of performance then give the treat.


6 years ago

Thanks! This is awesome! :)


7 years ago

I will be trying this with Higgs and Silver tonight:)


7 years ago on Introduction

Hope you don't mind, just shared this on "The Rat Fan Club" page on Facebook


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I can't tell if you have a boy or a girl in the photos, but your rat has absolutely adorable markings and I love those dumbo ears. Sweet little thing