Introduction: How to Transform a Floor Lamp With Spray Paint and a Lampshade

Do you love the utility of your torchiere floor lamp but hate the sight of it? Yes? Well, I can relate. Begrudgingly, I bought one this year, mainly because I didn't want to shell out big bucks and I really needed that little reading/task light that is attached to many torchiere lamps. But let me tell you -- it is severely lacking in style or class. For starters, the pipe base comes in black, and when juxtaposed against my light-colored walls, it stands out like a sore thumb. (You can find floor lamps in silver, too, but you'll pay twice as much.) In addition, the plastic cone-shaped lampshade looks cheap and tacky.*

Materials - basic floor lamp ($9) (I opted for the dual purpose floor lamp with task light combo for $12.99.); Krylon Fusionfor plastics spray paint (around $6); lampshade (found a decent one at Ross for $2.99)

Time - 5 minutes + paint drying time (15 min to touch, 1 hr to handle)

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Step 1: But First Here Is a Before Picture.

This is the exact same lamp I bought from Target.

Step 2: Remove the Plastic Lampshades.

And move your lamp to a well-ventilated area with cardboard or something under to protect the grass, garage floor, or whatever is beneath. 

Step 3: Start Painting the Base.

I used white spray paint from Krylon Fusion. Move the can in a slow and steady motion about 8 inches from the lamp. Shake the can before and occasionally in between spraying sessions. By the way, it will take about 2 coats to go from black to white. I think you are supposed to wait for it to dry in between coats, but eh, I'm impatient. 

(Notes: Make sure to cover the bulb sockets with tape before beginning-- something I didn't think to do at first. I would also recommend wearing a face mask for painters, but it's not imperative.)

Step 4: Secure the New Fabric Lampshade to the Base, and Voila!

Nice! Much better than what it looked like before. I know I did mine in all white, which I may change if the mood strikes me, but just think of all the possibilities! Spray paint comes in all sorts of colors as do lampshades. It's really ashame I chose plain ol' white. 

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