Introduction: How to Trick Out the Instructables Robot

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New members come to instructables every day, they make an account, edit their profile and especially make a profile picture. Many people pick a pic of their dog, or favorite place, or cartoon character. But many people choose to take a different approach and TRICK OUT THE INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT . It is a very quick and easy process with only a couple of steps and materials.

these are two most simple ways  I recommend way 2 if you are going for high quality and easier to use. In way 1 you can do more but not as good quality. You can also do both 

Materials for way one

 art supplies
some artistic skill

Materials for way two

sumo paint which is on this website

Step 1:

To create a new robot what do you have to have? a robot! To get the most simplest form you can go to google images and get a picture of the instructables robot. If the normal one does not suit you, you can get a pre edited one. If you look in the comments you can see the Kiteman has some posted. I have seen many including a guitar playing one (which i give credit to the member Killerjackalope who designed it).
Save it to your desktop. Print it out. 

After you have printed your picture, grab your art supplies and whiteout because from here on out we are goin old school. 

Adjusting/adding arms and legs
The first step in adjusting is to print out another robot, the exact same one. Then on that second robot, cut out which ever part you would like to adjust. Then on the first robot white out the arm or leg (see pic) then use glue to paste the arm or leg where ever you add a leg or arm do the exact same thing however don't white out the other parts that were already there.
To delete something, just white it out completely

Coloring options
this probably has to be the simplest step
I find that if you are trying to make the robot a different color but see all the details then use a highlighter, they work great. If you are trying to make it all out one color like black (i've seen it) then use marker.

Facial expressions
to change the facial expression, take a black pen and change the eye brows, mouth eyes, etc.  

To add clothes/accessories you may either do two things draw them or print them out and paste them.To draw them, well it's that simple draw them. I would recommend markers for this When you print out clothes/accessories cut them neatly out and paste them in wanted spots.

Add any finish touches to your robot then scan it to your computer. Save it. Go to instructables and add it as your profile pic.


Step 2: Paint or Sumo Paint

sumo paint is a helpful program for drawing and designing

Sumo Paint
First get a picture of the robot from either google images or i know some people have already posted pre edited ones.VERY IMPORTANT SAVE IT AS A PNG FILE

Sumo paint is almost the same thing as regular paint however it is on the internet and easier to use. First click the link to get to the website then, go to the button "open sumo paint."
A new box should pop up
In the top left it will say "file". scroll over this and press "open from my computer" 
after that, find your png saved robot and select it.
it will load into your screen as a new project.
Now the tools you can use to edit it are on the left (see pic of sumo paint for help).

To color it a certain color as i did in my alien one, select the paint bucket then your color on the color picker. Click where ever you want to be filled in with that color. To add some color but not fill it up completely, then use the ink button. Now you can free draw with any color.

To delete, move, or twist a body part, first click the free transform/ rotate tool(towards the bottom right on the tool bar, looks like a square with a dot in it)After that you can select your body part by clicking and dragging over it, then release. Next move your mouse around the inside of the square till you see a move sign (cross with arrows). Hold it down and move the part around if needed. To rotate a body part look for a rotate sign instead of a moving sign in the square. After that hold down your mouse and you can rotate it freely. To delete something, highlight it then press "edit", "cut " . 


Step 3: Extra Info

Thanks for reading my instructable, if you would like to show everyone your creation, you can either post it in the comments or post it here  it is a contest for a 1 year pro membership.