Introduction: How to Tune a Guitar With a Floyd Rose (Guitar Used: Kramer Striker 211)

This instructable shows how to tune a guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo. I am using a Kramer Striker 211.

Step 1: The Nut

As shown in the picture, the nut is special. First, we have to unlock the nut by using an Allen Key (it was provided with the Kramer on the back of the head and is the bigger one (for the Kramer Striker)). After a while, you might be able to just screw it in with your fingers.

Step 2: Tune the Guitar the First Time

Before you tune your guitar with the tuning pegs, centre the fine-tuning knobs, so after you lock the nut, you can adjust the pitch of the note up or down, if it is sharp or flat. You have to tune the guitar like a normal guitar now (with the tuning pegs).

Step 3: Lock the Nut

Lock the nut back up.

Step 4: Tune the Guitar Again Differently

Your guitar probably sounds out of tune, again. This is normal and part of the whole process. There are fine-tuning knobs at the bridge. Use those to tune the guitar.

Step 5: Play

Play as long as you like because Floyd Rose ain't gettin' out of tune that easily.