How to Turn a 'sunny D' Single Serve Bottle Into a Funnel

Introduction: How to Turn a 'sunny D' Single Serve Bottle Into a Funnel

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Here's an easy set of instructions to turn a single serve sunny d bottle into a funnel with 2 adjustable sizes, wide mouth and narrow mouth. I find it a quick and handy tool in the kitchen.

Step 1: Take Off Label and Wash Bottle and Top

take off the label and wash bottle and blue top

Step 2: Now Take Your Top..

now take the top and a paring knife and take the little triangle in the center out

Step 3: Before and After

Step 4: Cut the Bottom From the Top

Now use scissors or your paring knife to cut around the bottle along one of the lines along the bottle (your choice)

Step 5: You're Done

Twist the cap on and off depending on the size funnel you need.

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